An Equinox Blessing ~

An Equinox Blessing ~

Today's alignment felt for the week or so prior and afterward, is that of the balance between radical new beginnings and all that must now end. Every equinox holds this thread. A tension, that is not tense, a string tuned to the exact pitch for harmony and alignment.

A simple way to honor this is by visualizing a pool or sea or any body of water you find peaceful, serene and non-threatening. That is different for each of us. Find your own. Imagine that you are the pool, the air, the earth holding this chalice, and the inner fire that transmutes all things.

With each breath, imagine and visualize a pebble or pearl (your implement of choice) dropping quietly into the center of this pool. Each stone, each representative of the mineral kingdom, holds the essence of a thing that must now end. DO NOT LET YOUR MIND TRY TO DECIDE WHAT THESE OUGHT TO BE. 

Observe as the pellets drop in and create ripples of blessing.

A more complex ceremony one can perform is that of what is, in the middle east, Nowruz. A sacred altar is created, holding the 'haft sihn', the seven sacred essences (items representing these qualities) of life. You can do this in the traditional way, or feel into what these might be for you. As time is of the essence for this alignment, build the altar in your heart. Feed it with the essence of you. Fan its flames with your aspirations. Inspire (breathe in) the starlight from which you originate and let the pebbles drop as and where they may... let the ripples move through you and your life... cleansing and purifying what needs this divine assistance.

Light the altar in your heart. Feel the elements move into balance with the starlight.

May radical new beginnings and grateful completions find you with ease and grace.

May this be the beginning of your new destiny.


Everything that has a beginning, has an ending...
then it all begins anew.

And for those who do celebrate this tradition, older than all of the 'books'...
"Aideh, Shomah, Mubarak!"

Happy New Destiny.  MAKE IT GOOD!

~unending love and blessings,