Let's Talk Integrity and a "Tight Tonal" ~

Let's Talk Integrity and a Tight Tonal ~

What is a 'tight tonal'? The term 'tonal' is taken from the writings of Carlos Castaneda, and the teachings of his mentor Don Juan Matus. Castaneda wrote about being taught to "sweep the island of the Tonal" meaning that one's physical life must be held in integrity in a clean, rational and efficient way.

In order to move into higher frequencies and states of being, we cannot hold any part of our lives in sloppiness. That doesn't mean what you think it does... most of the time.

Higher frequencies cannot be maintained when there is 'wobble' in our physical lives. It is a vibrational truth. Living a high-frequency life takes the diligence and discipline of creating an impeccable physical infrastructure from which consciousness can be launched.  Could a rocket launch without the scaffolding that holds it in place? Some types of launch require the 'death' of the scaffolding. Others, the best and most sustainable launches born of lots of practice, allow for reusability of infrastructure.  This is the beginning of high frequency living.

A tight tonal does not preclude having fun. Rather, the sensitive who lives from an impeccable infrastructure in the physical has an easier and 'more fun' life. It need not mean martyrdom. That was the old cycle. The foundation of the emerging cycle is abundance for all.

There are and always will be ever-new ways of being in integrity, unity, and grace with the ALL.

Don Juan said that the seers of his line maintained that the universe is a sea of energy—energy that is in constant change. And that the most functional thing one can do, rather than attempt to fight or resist that continuous change, is to join forces with it—an endeavor that takes a navigator’s discipline. I perceive this as the Infinite Sea of the Great Mother's love. Same-same. Different language.

What is more efficient? Swearing at turbulent seas, or aligning the craft so as to ride them with ease and grace in the most optimal way possible under the circumstances?

Why is this important? On the open water, this is obvious. Capsizing is not a life-enhancing circumstance, nor is drifting aimlessly, or squandering needed supplies. Neither is over-stocking the craft so that excess ballast is an issue and quick course corrections are compromised or impossible. One must use intuition and integrity to feel into the needed navigation and proceed accordingly. Set the intent of being a sleek, well-tuned craft and see what transpires in your life.

"Whenever you are in the world of the tonal, you should be an impeccable tonal... But whenever you are in the world of the nagual, you should also be impeccable...For the warrior, intent is the gate in between. It closes completely behind him when he goes either way." ~ Carlos Casteneda

I would beg to differ slightly here. When the tonal and the nagual move out of a polarized duality into unity, the shift between these states becomes seamless as does the experience of the perceiver. This, too, takes integrity, meaning the ability to integrate vast, disparate states of being with ease and grace. How is this done? From a streamlined, 'tight' tonal, or organized and efficient mode of navigating one's physical life.

This does not mean minimalism, though that is one path. It does not mean asceticism, and that is NOT the warrior's way. This does not mean a spartan life, though it tends to mean simple, a bit spare, and elegant. Always elegant. Accelerating consciousness is always elegant.

Here is a way to begin. What parts of my life smack of inelegance? One might laugh here, at first, and feel overwhelmed. Perseverance furthers. As we persevere in our life upgrades and enhancements, we become adept at holding more integrity. We become a living model for a 'tight tonal.' Like anything else, what this takes is practice.

I find that when a circumstance has me feeling "Well, this isn't elegant but it will get the job done," there is always an alternative solution, no matter how exhausted or beaten-in I'm feeling. I need to broaden my perspective to include Source's vision. There IS an elegant solution to my perceived vexation or frustration or 'issue' that my perception has not yet expanded to include.

How to run a 'tight ship' with letting the egoic controller go into overdrive? Look at my elephant friend with the butterfly wings for ears. Let the intuitive antennae lead the way while remaining grounded, and fully embodying the power that moves through you. That power is the love from which you were created.

Is your love strong enough? Are you ready to love enough to turn that light on your own life? The beacon effect happens when we build a solid foundation, then get out of Source's way.

A clean infrastructure has many dimensions, many designs, many implementations. What will your foundation be?


Smooth sailing requires soundness, a sturdy mast,  good rigging and a divine hand at the helm!