The Path to the Stars ~

The Path to the Stars ~ 'E.T. Phone Home'

Rough transit, this last. As beings of light, we are ever at the ready to shed the trappings of any experience of reality, no matter how attached we might be to that experience, to journey further on our homeward path.

Exiting the more confining realities of this world has always required fortitude, courage and just plain 'huevos.' If you know what I mean. When a planetary being like our Gaia goes through such a transit, calving all the way, every being within her sphere is catapulted forward along amplified trajectories. We face our perceived illusions of mortality over and over again in accelerated succession. You'd noticed, right? ;)

I find it helps me to reference the infrastructure of how realities are called into form on this world. Always through sound, of course, which means there is a resonant hum that resounds through every architectural structure. The truer the design comes to Divine infrastructure, the clearer, cleaner, and stronger it resounds... and therefore resonates. When we are true to our home frequencies, or stellar resonance (Divinity works as a label too) we resound the clear purity of the light that we are. Deceit in any form always results in distortion.

As with anything, when clarity matters, it manifests.

For example, let's look at the Atlantean format of a central hub, surrounded by spokes and pillars. A wagon wheel or Wheel of Life, seen from above or viewed as a two-dimensional design. The focus of this design is mirrored in our cells. Encapsulated structures, whose outer membranes protect the inner workings thereof. A nucleus surrounded by particles, connected via a network. A structure whose design necessitates collaboration. Working as a system, a field larger than any single particle, the collaboration thrives.

The Atlanteans were said to have the ability to raise a wall of water around their city-state, using Djed pillars, or resonators. The nodes at the ends of the spokes of the wheel were harmonic devices, tuned for manipulating the elements. Divine essence, circulated through and between these pillars, resulted in an enhanced field of protection. The below image, from the series Stargate: Atlantis, is a reminder.


Where are you in this picture? Where is home?

The illusion of this holodeck is transcended by releasing all attachments to identity in particular. Meaning one has to release every position on the wheel, then the wheel itself.

As beings going through an experience of reality we first identify with the particle. That would be one of the platforms or smaller circles (or a particular Djed pillar) at the end of a spoke. A particular place on the wheel.  We see through the filters of that particular experience. Our designer reality functions from that filtered place.

Each of and all of our incarnations is/are set up so that we experience in particular, from within limits set to guide and enhance our journey. We exist within the ultimate virtual reality game. Until we choose to 'phone home.'

The first step on the path to the stars (home to our light) is to release the labels, filters, and identity associated with a particular place on the wheel, a particular resonator, a particular point of light in relation to and separate from, the center. We remember that this central hub is our own center and we let go.  The rounds of the wheel of karma are simply the revolutions it takes us to 'make the rounds' of identity and learn from each node what we designed each to teach us. This is Divine Tech 101.

The wheels on the bus go round and round until... they teach us, to hit the brakes. What we NEED is a real accelerator!

The next step, after we have done enough wheelies or glimpsed a shortcut and decided to exit the carousel, is that we identify with the hub. We are now the central conglomerate of knowledge and wisdom (using the cellular analogy). Stupas, pyramids, and gurus are models for this phase.  This identity feels like and was designed to be part of the path home but it has been usurped. It is now a form of trap. The 'central and centered one' now runs the gamut of beliefs about being responsible and having to manage the spokes and the nodes. A common belief is that one who is thusly identified now needs to support the system that surrounds it. Without this 'central one', everything would collapse.

It is time for this misperceived concept to collapse as well.

Religious and spiritual factions, 'occult wars' and all that, spawn from this misperception and delusional identity. It seems to be a phase of misunderstanding that must be worked through.

Every avatar ever 'tarred' (really couldn't help myself, sorry!) has taught this. Identifying with the central position is just as limiting as any identification with the outer nodes. ALL are held in place by Source's resonance. EACH has its own resonant amplification. As a WHOLE, the collaboration functions in true resonance when each particle resounds within its proper purified waveform. Meaning when each resonates as its home frequency(ies) as part of a greater design.

We aren't talking mindless drones here. This is fully embodied empowerment. Sovereign as particle, node, spoke, hub and whole.

The freeing steps of the dance happen when the whole is acknowledged, appreciated, nurtured, nourished and cherished. True support is born from this conception.

When the Infinite permeates every position and superposition is acknowledged as within each individuated position, and it is understood and valued that each position contains the all and can shift its function as JOY calls for it, transcendence occurs.

The path to the stars is within each of us, our particles, our cells, our visions and our dreams.

We ARE 'home' if we allow ourselves to become it.

Again and again, perhaps, as the multiverse unfolds one glorious petal at a time, all at once.


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