Let's Talk Lunacy ~

Let's Talk Lunacy ~

Wow!  This is quite the full moon/eclipse / Imbolc window, right? Whoooooooo! Control dramas and tantrums are everywhere!  People be KRAZAAAAY!!!!!!!

So how to navigate? When the tides have swallowed your reason, your balance, and your alleged self-control, or those of everyone around you, how is it possible to course correct?

Start with belief. Remind yourself that a belief system is only a thought pattern that your ego deems beneficial and argues for.  It is not reality.

Then take a breath and move into the feelings of "Why is this happening?" Feel past the insanity, the confusion, into the despair and futility that lies deep in the crevices of this control drama, whatever it might be. Take command of the mind. Re-mind yourself that this is not reality, it is a transitory state of vibration. Choose to trust the Source that you are that this situation can change. Choose. Make the decision that the light that you are is more important and more powerful than whatever 'it' is that has you or the situation by every possible grabhold.

When you don't believe a situation can change, that is when it cannot be done. It is the belief that creates your circumstances. " What a fool believes..." Remember the lyric? "What a fool believes... s/he sees." It is not foolish to trust that your physical and emotional bodies can be reconfigured. It is reasonable and not your fault that your body programs believe otherwise. These programs protect 'you' by virtue of learned coping mechanisms adopted in utero and as your body matured.

Your physical and emotional bodies had to learn to survive the onslaught of the ever-present insanity of this world. The facts of that survival angst are up against the truth of what is REAL at this time.

Remember, that "We put up with what we grow up with." - quote from Tony Robbins. Even when awareness has transcended these coping mechanisms, our bodies hold on until we re-align DNA with consciousness. We must choose and command our bodies, giving both the permission to release old programs and the instruction to do so. We must consciously choose that consciousness informs our DNA, not the other way around. We have the ability to choose that any openings to the onslaught of insanity be as though they never existed. Feel that 'impossible' belief rising up? It has to go.

So, to continue our lesson in transcendental navigation...After you have re-minded yourself and aligned your body, however temporarily, with your awareness and inner knowing, take another breath. Breathe the starlight that you come from.

Choose to trust with everything you are, despite all evidence to the contrary.  Decide. Move out of the imagined trauma your body feels and surrender the mind's defenses. These are not who you are. They are the saboteurs that prevent fully embodied awareness. These states of disassociation are part of the ego's last line of defense. They will try to kill you rather than give up and let go.

It is for each of us to choose. Transcendence? Or the survival of an obsolete survival program that protects only its own irrelevant existence? There IS a choice to be made. Choose to trust all that is within you and that is REAL and TRUE and AVAILABLE to you. Choose while your body is shaking or your teeth clenched. 

The year I embodied this understanding, my dentist was furious with me! "Why are you grinding your teeth?" Though embodiment is going to be a work in progress for the rest of our incarnations, I can report I no longer exhibit the symptoms of bruxism. My body relaxed into her true nature.

Once you take command, that command must be turned over to the Source within you. That always brings up fears of being controlled. Why wouldn't it? That is what your family and society did to your light. They conditioned you into getting that stuff 'under control.' There are proof and evidence from other lives that the vibration you are is unworthy of expression. Or so you were taught to believe. This is changing. So must our bodies change with the tides.

So, here we are. We rest in the flow of the particular, letting the old, tired, irrelevant particles drop away with gooey splooshes into the Infinite seas. Let them melt. There is nothing you require upstream of your current location. Collapse the present and the future into the PRESENT and choose to 'be'.

Feel how your configuration is embraced, held, nurtured and supported even as it changes. Choose again, to trust THIS. Make the decision. Hold yourself to this commitment. Now let go into Source's embrace. You will be navigated differently. It will not be the 'controlled' way of life your fear tells you it will be. You will be free.


The price for this exquisite freedom is your fear, your entrenched identity, and your primitive coping mechanisms... all things your awareness has already shed. Why not let your bodies do the same?

2018 is a transit of great upheaval. Easier if we ride the waves!