As Awareness Opens ~

What Will Be Revealed?

As a camera aperture closes and opens to freeze-frame a moment in space-time,  so do our incarnations flow.

In a remake of "Death Takes A Holiday" called "Meet Joe Black", the personification of 'death' who has chosen to walk as a human for a time, asks an elderly woman this question: "Do you have enough pretty pictures?" The character of death, played by Brad Pitt in this case, speaks to the woman who is lying in a hospital bed, unhappy and ready to depart this world. This woman sees 'him' for who and what he is. First, she is afraid, then accepting as she tells 'death' "Yes." The character of 'death' quietly assists her out of her current body.

The influx of light now occurring is quietly assisting us into NEW bodies... without that odd yet expected transition of death/rebirth. No physical reincarnation necessary. Not what our bodies are used to nor anything our memories of incarnating can assist us with... and yet...

When the aperture opens, we perceive more than our remaining limitations. We see past the defaults, knowing them for the friends that allowed us to lead a certain kind of life. We become freedom itself.

My Teacher once told the story that moving into the embodiment of freedom, of the awake states, is like sliding out of the embrace of a lover. Moving inch by careful inch not to wake them from their slumber... lifting limbs and bedclothes, controlling one's breath and motions, slipping quietly out the door and down the hall... and finally exiting the building. Taking a deep breath, one is free. It has nothing to do with the love left sleeping. Their time to awaken will come.

My Teacher went on to say that some who begin to awaken simply go back into the building to try to re-design that reality or to rearrange the furniture or help the loved one(s) to wake up. Laughing, this teacher indicated that that never quite turns out the way one thinks it might.

"OR...." and the Teacher paused dramatically. From the perspective of opened awareness, one might simply BE the illumination that loves all things, sending special currents to those left safely sleeping, and quietly and deftly make one's way...into the arms of divinity HERself.

The sharing of the illusory journey from light into light is a privilege, a gift, and a wonder.

What will be revealed? What hidden gems are there to be discovered? What fun is there to be had in the world, at this space-time pixel, as the true essential vibratory pitch/tonality that we each hold and that can be held in collaboration?

Why would we still care after all that has come to pass?

What happens when we leave the building? {a closed system of control - never mind the story}

As the Vedas put it, "What shall we play next?" 

This is what is being revealed... along with all that is coming to light.

Courage friends! When the essential heart and the 'third eye' open simultaneously the world as you knew it passes away. "Yea, even unto death..." Oh wait, that was another age, that language. I miss the poetry of language well spoken.  But hey, that's just one of my parameters... you will have your own.

LOVE WHAT YOU ARE! ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES!! And may the shift hit more than the fan!

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If you don't attend 'the masses' why market to them?

Wishing you JOY in your transitions,