Let's Talk How It Is & What It Takes ~

Let's Talk How It Is & What It Takes ~

Hey there. “It’s coming on Christmas” as Joni Mitchell sang, and, as always, I do so wish there existed a river to skate away on… except that, that river lives within me now.

It could live within you as well. It does, in fact. Are you aware of that? How aware? Would you like to be more aware? Or are things ok as they are… Would you like to live a life that is more than ok? You do, already, you know that. And yet…Is it enough?

Are you endlessly striving and, if so, for what? When was the last time you went absolutely still and listened to what. you. want. ??

So, here we are at a New Moon that is a deep and thorough dredger, for certain. The astrology of today will tell you that old hurt may come welling up from under the scar tissue you have so meticulously put into place… breaking through your carefully constructed façade and oozing all over your life… if you let it. The current climate will tell you that the peace and clarity and happiness that is streaming in, is just on the other side of… a river of hurt you sooo don’t want to cross. Not to swim or wade or stick your toes in, even. Not again. Not worth it. Oh, how wrong you are…

And yet…

How It Is ~

This is your life. You incarnated to learn things and to enjoy the process. I know. That last bit? How is that possible here? Everything about the martyrdom cycle taught you that real enjoyment is wrong. Fun has to come at a price. Enjoyment is only to be had when the chores and the homework are finished, the bows tied, the t’s crossed, the corners clean and all the under-beds are free of dust bunnies. True peace and happiness and loving your life live on the other side of fear, obligation and guilt.

And the mess, on this world, is endless. Enjoyment of life becomes a carrot on a stick that you can beat yourself with for an entire lifetime. Martyrdom. Self-sacrifice. Fun, right?

So you invented coping mechanisms. “If I meet these conditions,” you told yourself, “I will permit myself to have only this much enjoyment. That will be safe.” The B.elief S.ystems read: Pain and suffering are safe. Peace and love and clarity are dangerous; they lie to me. I’m here to earn something I will never be worthy of nor deserve.

Until, one day, enough light runs through you that the things you told yourself and the things ‘everyone’ told you cannot keep a lid on that light anymore. It breaks through. This process validates your B.leief S.ystems, because that breaking through is painful. It is the healing pain of scars dissolving. It is the cleansing pain of wounds becoming as though they never existed. And you will not allow yourself to believe these truths because you have invested so much… so very much… into the resistance that keeps you in pain.


What happened to the Flow?

Your coping mechanisms, constructed to insure plentiful resources, are failing.

Light is intelligence. It knows what to do and what it takes. Light always wins, even when there is no contest. Things that were once enjoyable {and are actually a form of self-torture} cannot be anymore. Each thing you attempt to enjoy in any ‘old way’ ups the levels of pain… so, hey, you must be truly deserving of _________{insert what you really want here…do you know what you really want here?} because you are in so much pain.

Those addicted to depression don’t want what will make them happy
because that would mean they can’t be depressed.
They begin to raise their vibration, then go into withdrawal,
and find something, anything, that will inflict pain and cause anger
that can be turned inward once more.

Welcome to the world as you have been taught and conditioned to make and experience it… safely caged in the pain that promises pleasure, somewhere in the future, far, far away.


Seeing runs through me, yes. I can ‘see’ for any person / place / thing, the Infinite timelines, tracks, and trajectories of possibility and potential. I can point out options that are most probable. I can make suggestions as to what will shift these setups and templates, should anyone wish to do so. I can point out pitfalls, though that is the last thing anyone ever asks me to do. Why? We are all here to learn in the way that we have come here to learn. We wrote the script and we don’t want the lights turned on early. This is how it is. {And that’s ok.}

There is a different way. HER way takes into account your setups and learnings and how you wanted things to be…and shakes the living shite out of you until there are more cracks in your façade than structures, and you, too, begin to flow.

What It Takes ~

…to live a different destiny? It takes love. It takes opening your heart to yourself.

I can only reference my own experience with regard to being the river.

~ Nothing you want is upstream
~ The flow keeps moving no matter the rocks in the way
~ Learning to let HER navigate is key
~ Learning to let go gets you 90% of The Way {huge pun intended}
~ That river you want to use as your escape route, is what you must become


Can you feel the heartbeat in the flow?

I am able to let HER river flow through me so that others can skate away thereupon. I even know where to Source the skates.

And yet…

Does my heart long for companionship? Yes, it does. Is there an Infinite supply of light and light beings ready, willing, and waiting? Yes, there is, when I remember to let that in. Do I ever feel alone? No. Is it ever lonely, this being One with the River that is HER love and light? No, it is not. And yet… the lives that I flow through are HERS, as is the river. “My” life is HERS… by commitment and constant choosing.

Your choices and commitments are your own, designed prior to your incarnation, in order that you might have the designer experience you desired. Do you desire it still? You might do. There is nothing inappropriate about that choice. There is nothing inappropriate about desire, when it is Sourced from the heart.

Or is something else trying to take over? Something trying to win your attention away from your glorious house of mirrors?

My favorite line from the film LOR: The Two Towers, is spoken by Treebeard, leader of the Ents. “Break the dam! Unleash the River!” And, later… “…the filth of Saruman is washing away…” All of the mechanistic constructions of the ego’s domination are literally being flooded out of existence. Life is being nurtured and nourished once more.

Where is the place for my heart as this river? A place locked away, navigating surely, certainly, and often secretly, toward that which has no destination? It used to be. Though my heart was given to HER long, long ago, in realities you have yet to remember… the truth is, I came here for you.

It hurts to break the dam. It is harrowing to the soul template to unleash the river. When the barriers break and the flood is unleashed, only then can the cleansing begin. Only then, do you become The Way of Oneness. Only then, you become the river and the seas.

Race you around that big rock in the middle!
{Or out to that first breaker, if the sea if your thing… }
Splashing is such fun!


This is what it takes… May you always have it.

~ Namaste Beloveds ~