Recapitulation and Renewal ~

Recapitulation and Renewal ~

The onward journey. Onward to when, and where, exactly? After a calendar year like this past one, we would all like to know… at least our minds would, and certainly those parts of ego that are feeling a bit beaten in! In 2014 an associate asked me, “Well, where are you going then, vibrationally? What is this new destiny you keep talking about?” What he meant was, “Tell me what this is going to be like so I can decide if it is of interest to me or not and whether or not I want to participate.” A good question for this time of recapitulation and renewal.

First, the recap. It is still the eve of the western calendar year, in most parts of the world. No idea what day it will be when you read this, but nonetheless. A shift from one paradigm to another is available when the collective at large feels a turning point, a blank slate, or a new beginning. A new calendar year is such a point.

Most of the more accurate calendars, and there are many, take into account both solar and lunar cycles. Many indigenous or traditional calendars still do. And so, this new calendar year called 2019 {The millennium was almost twenty years ago now, how boggling is that?} is an arbitrary designation, like all calendars, to give the human collective a linear sense of progression.

Have you ever taken time out? Really unplugged? Have you noticed how quickly one forgets what day it is and even what time of that day? How easy it is to slip into the rhythms of sun and moonlight? If not, I highly recommend it! Our natures, like all of nature, are light-sourced. We respond to cycles of illumination.

As exists the deep breath before the plunge, there is a needed space of recapitulation prior to renewal.

Before you go off partying, or perhaps post-hangover, if that is your timing for this, you might ponder these few pieces of information.

What is my overall feeling about the passing year? (in this case, 2018)
Let yourself feel the feelings that come up and let them go.

What choices might I have made differently?

What choices or actions hold regret?

What were / are the benefits that those choices brought me?

Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Try this, for fun. Take a first breath, filtering for oxygen. Meaning that the physical body is super-oxygenated. Take a second breath, filling the physical and emotional bodies with life force, by whatever name you call it (ki ,chi, prana…). Take a third breath, breathing in the starlight that is the origin of all of your bodies. Breathe in the light and allow it to breathe you. Relax into it. You have just raised your vibration into a higher illumination.

Next, consider the questions you have been pondering, whether the questions above or others of your own making. Allow all regret, remorse, sadness, and self-denigration in any form, to flow out of your bodies and into HER field. This harms no one. When a charged vibration sheds itself from your field, it becomes neutral energy. You are giving those energies that will serve no one going forward, back to the Light from whence they were created.

Now, for that last question… Bearing in mind and body the benefits of the choices you made over the past earth-space-time linear calendar, allow yourself to feel gratitude for what was accomplished, for lessons learned, and for the Infinite as SHE has flowed (or perhaps flown) through you. Ask for more. More to be grateful for in the coming linear unfolding of earth-space-time. You are here. You might as well ask for higher octaves of love and learning.

Can you love yourself, as the light that you come from, enough to be grateful for YOU? All that you are… every choice you have made or abstained from, all the light you have denied or run from…every bit of your adventure thus far. SHE can hold this for you, if you ask, until you are able to meet HER in the Infinite Heart with nothing held back. Sounds like a tall order? It can be, to the ego. And yet…

Where was “I” going? What was the vibration of New Destiny? Home, in HER heart, whose door is always open, and who sees and knows everything and every one of us, as SHE is the ALL.

A New Destiny is simple, really. Choose to embody higher octaves of light, no matter what that might look or feel like, because Light is intelligence and it always knows what to do. Decide to live this, no matter what. Hold gratitude in your heart for all that you have been given and all that there is to come. Ask for more. Then, relax into the essence that you are, and begin to practice being it. Remember that the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ are always up to the Divine. You will be shown, and the steps will be optimal and oh, so practical. Are you ready to trust? Are you willing? You were born able. Why not do the coming year in a new way?


Renewal comes, as we shed the holding onto of pain and ancestral patterning. It comes as we greet a new beginning with our hearts open, in whatever way we can manage or muster that opening in each new, holy moment.

Matter is not separate from Spirit. It is created from HER Infinite essence. That is the secret of why what matters, manifests. What would your heart make real? It is happening already. As we shift in awareness and embody more light, it helps if we make what matters more conscious as well. What we focus on, we become. Change your focus, practice it, and it will be so.

What matters most to your heart? May it manifest instantly, if not sooner. May you know that this is always and has always been, so.

Infinite Empowered Love,

~ Namaste ~