Solstice Boosted Intentions ~ Use the Window!

Solstice Boosted Intentions ~ Use the Window!

So it’s the Solstice. The ending/beginning of yet another solar year. Setting Solstice intentions is a bit like setting new year’s resolutions. This year, maybe try something different.

There is a window present, between today’s Solstice alignment and the new moon on the 6th of January. A refinement current, that can assist us in fine-tuning our intentions for the coming solar and lunar cycles.

As we set our intentions this Solstice, we can also put them into a kind of holding pattern… not hitting the pause button, but relaxing into a contemplative space that allows for refinement. Let the intentions percolate, refine and re-form during the period between now and the new moon.

Use the fruits (the gifts and miracles that appear) of the full moon alignment, following the Solstice, to observe where the light shines. What lights up for you? What falls into shadow? What wants to stay hidden? What keeps sliding into the light?

Ladle these observations into the mix of your intentions and see how they begin to flow in a more cohesive and refined way, a way that resonates more purely with what you are.

Then, at the new moon, the first of the new solar/lunar/calendar year… let ‘em fly! Release these percolated and refined and sieved intentions into the multiverse for manifestation. Relax into Source’s embrace and await the miraculous from a place of quiet onrushing gladness… or peace, or calm. Whatever suits you. Let the flow take bring them home and you as well.


A Solstice-Powered Launch Window…

Take advantage of the deep stillness of this window. Let its power assist you. The light loves you so.

May the Solstice boost empower your light,