Turbulence & Tantrums, Resistance and Release ~ Love is the Key

Turbulence & Tantrums, Resistance and Release ~ Love is the Key

So many of you have written to say that core pieces of your egoic programming seem to be assaulting you. One moment it can feel like drowning, or being ripped apart at the seams, or as though the more light that floods your being the more negative energies seem to surround you.

Duality taught us that where there is the most light there is the most dark. That is a polarized definition of reality that need not exist in Unity,

The dynamics your body learned in childhood will tell you that you must believe in your circumstances, and that, even if you deny this, or stand up, and/or fight against the collective tides, you are a victim thereof. This is not so, shining ones. This is not so.

If you believe your body is not shedding these deeply held dynamics, you are indeed in denial. The spiritual ego will tell you that you do not need to recognize what is happening. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” said the projected voice of the Wizard of Oz… and behind the ego’s curtain is exactly where we are being taken and shaken.

What is truly happening? A grand purge. The purging of all that is not your true resonance. This is happening for each of us in our own unique way… and yet there are similarities of process in play.

Love IS the answer… only not in the way that the martyrdom cycle has taught us to believe.

We have been taught to sacrifice the light that moves through us “for others”. The truth is that this is not only impossible, but increasingly dangerous to our own well-being. The severely dogmatically positioned among us will say “Selfish! You’re talking about withholding light from others! Keeping God’s blessings only for yourself!” Nothing of the sort.

As children we were taught that “greater love hath no man than to give up his life for another…” A classic martyrdom ploy. When we choose where and how Source’s love ought to flow through us, we are still bound by the ego. It is dictating our actions and experience. Is that what you want? Is that how you want to live? If so, that will happen for you. Source’s sorting hat is working overtime these days.

If you feel a deeper truth within you, and yet your heart protests that love IS the key, you are on the right track. Listen to your heart. Then, let go. Bless and release. Stop assuming you know how to be the unconditional love of the divine. Our minds and egos cannot know the unknowable. It has to move through us. We learn by immersion in Grace.

If you feel you must persist in sacrificing your love, your light, your dreams, for others or to circumstances… at least do so consciously. Know that you are allowing your ego to run your show.

Part of what is happening right now is that we are being tempted by the ego’s interpretations of our hearts’ desires. Let me explain. The heart desires Oneness. The heart desires Truth. The heart desires to be fully awakened and to live as an embodiment of Unity within Diversity, as Divinity. That can take many forms.

The ego will attempt to interpret these forms and push us into grabbing for what we think we need instead of letting ourselves be guided into the truth of what we are and what our hearts desire. Sounds impossible? That is your ego and the collective methods of control talking. A hint? Don’t Listen.

Many of you know that my favorite line from the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, is:
”This is not going to go the way you think it will.” {line spoken by Master Luke skywalker}

A young one, strong in the Force, who has not had the training that would give her the discernment she needs to let herself be navigated around the dark side’s traps, chooses to listen to temptation. She is ‘saved’ from that, only to continue to choose from what she wants to believe instead of what is. She continues to learn “the hard way.” Such is the way of martyrdom.

It need not be so any longer.

What we want to believe doesn’t matter. And yet, when we make it so, it manifests.

“This will not go the way you think it will.”

Thinking is the problem.

The whirlpool of collective angst tells us to keep swimming, keep fighting, keep doing… else we will be sucked down and down and into oblivion. Let yourself feel how your bodies react to that information…What if there was another way?

There lies inside of you a thread, a column, a flow of light and ease and Grace that has always existed and always will. It is YOU. Try this for a moment, Take a breath and find that light. Now, choose to stay with it instead of letting it go. Let the other stuff go instead.

Some things in your world may indeed fall apart. These sand castles were meant to be swept away with the tides of new light and life. The child will sit on the beach, grieving lost creations. The mature being will laugh, and bless the waters, and create anew with more power and light.

What if, instead of giving up your life for others, whatever that means to your mind, or, giving up your life to Source, whatever that means to your mind… you could become Source?

It is what we are meant to become. It is our true destiny.

To quote a beloved mentor of mine, “How much time do you think you’ve got?”

HER answer? As much time as you choose… and you can keep playing out the same scenes forever in increasingly degrading vibratory realities… and SHE will love you… even as you dorp again and again…

In this life? We are all out of time. Literally and linearally. Time to be conscious. Time to shift. Time to let HER take over unconditionally.

“This won’t go the way you think it will.” That is the very good news.

divine grace.jpg

What are you willing to Be?

HER love and mine to you… as we enter the Solstice window. HER Solstice transmission is one of a total re-set of love within each of us.

How open are you prepared to be? How altered? How REAL?

What is the one truth that you could allow, that would radically alter your perception of reality?

Are you willing to receive it?

You are ready.

You are able.

What is the love behind the curtain?

What are you waiting for?

Infinite Love,