On Being Sacred Space ~

On Being Sacred Space ~

It’s what we’re all here to be, no matter what we do.

A sacred space is an energy gateway through which we soar into becoming. As we learn to become sacred space, to honor that in our bodies/minds/awarenesses, the sacred creates HERself around us.

Is there a sacred space for… {insert doing verbiage here} ? There is, if we make it so. This question reminds me of a line from Fiddler On The Roof. “Is there a blessing for the Tsar?” the rabbi is asked. He answers that there is a blessing for everything. “May God bless and keep the Tsar…far away from us!”

Being sacred space is more about creating from blessing, than it is about creating for or from anything else.

If you haven’t quite worked that one out yet, you’re not alone. The human collectives of the world are reeling with what they perceive as a conundrum. The ‘fix-it’ mentality of the Age of Martyrdom is so deeply ingrained that everyone keeps flailing after the ‘things to fix’ instead of walking in a new direction and creating new experiences by blessing what resonates.

“Oh that’s too simple. That’s just positive thinking and we all know that doesn’t work!” Case in point. And, there is truth in this judgement. Positive thinking, while a nice step in a clean direction, solves nothing. Even Pollyanna did not only look for the good, she practiced being it!

What is it to be sacred space? Isn’t this one more way of talking about embodiment? Yes. Hopefully one that makes a bit of sense, because one thing that is universally craved just now is sanctuary. My body is no exception. And I am very, completely, totally, and unconditionally aware that this is not a one-time request. This is a requirement. It has been, all along, truth be told.

The error we tend to is that of creating sacred space outside of ourselves first. We do need that. We require sanctuary, in whatever form it resonates with us. The concept is finally making its way into more than the oldest of cultures. Yay!

The dance with Source is one of being that, and simultaneously creating that. We cannot have one without the other. Without collaboration, we’re dancing solo. Fun, but an older algorithm that won’t allow us to soar in emerging energies.


Even in the concrete jungle, life is sacred.

Picture the infinity symbol. A figure eight on its side. Let’s say one side represents the sacred space that is you, in your physical body. Let’s say the other side is the sacred space you are creating or want to create as sanctuary to inhabit. It could be live or work space, preferably both. Picture it as a Me/That dynamic. Now, close your eyes and track where you are picturing this. Outside of yourself? Internally with no external feedback loop that functions? Only feel for a few moments.

Where we truly are, if we use this symbol, is precisely in that stillpoint where the loop flips over. The crossing point. The causal Source for the entire loop. Only in duality could this be perceived as an ‘either/or’. It is ONE.


You Are Here…

It has long been known in metaphysics, in the arcane wisdom, that our physical lives mirror what is going on in our physical bodies. We attract that with which we truly resonate. Our unconscious is usually judge/jury/manifestor of this. Until we break the code.

What Pollyanna may have known, in her childlike innocence, is that we are not separate from the Creative Source. We are that. And so, being sacred space is our birthright and our responsibility.

Try it for a bit. I AM the Sacred Space that is the Source of ALL that IS/WAS/EverShallBe. In other words, I AM The INFINITE. I AM SHE. Light then responds to this by making it so. Remember that light is intelligence. It is the intelligence function of HER love.

If being HER love is too much, try this instead. When you’ve got that sorted, try it a bit differently. Try it with a friend/partner/lover. This is a different configuration. It is the Source of the Source of the triskele, or Trinity symbol.


An Arcane Symbol for Heart

You could be HERE. Sometimes the smallest shifts in perception can create the greatest rewards.

When two individuated points of light lean in toward Source {not toward one another} together, all things are possible. ALL THINGS. ANY…THING. And when we add more light? When more of us are practiced at this?

Perhaps we will remember that sacred space has always been ‘us’ after all.

May it be so and soon.