HER way is the Quantum Way ~

HER way is the Quantum Way ~

Do you find your energies are feeling a bit worm-holed lately? Meaning that there is a transit tube/tunnel/system morphing you and your life into something/somewhere new? Me too.

As part of this adventure, SHE is showing me that the return to HER, which is a full circle completion of integrating the energies that nurture, nourish, accept, acknowledge, support, and cherish, into life as we are about to know it, is paramount. In other words, SHE is resurfacing the frequencies of all that is sustainability in a big way.

How does that affect me/you? The optimal way to allow this is to let HER move through us. Let HER express through, even as we choose our preferred area or mode of expression. For example, the Way of Sacred Oneness has currents running rampant through the world at this time. It is a simple frequency adjustment to allow these currents to lift us free of all that encumbers.

“Oh, no, it isn’t simple,” one might say. “Oh, yes, it is,” SHE counters. Ninety-plus percent of realization is letting go. When we realize that, things flow more smoothly.

I love quantum thinking, the whole quantum exploration. Moving into realms so infinitesimally small to our perception, as to almost not exist. And yet, this infinite sea of energy is HERS. SHE is that ALL. So, why do I say SHE instead of IT? I’m asked that frequently. I sometimes ask it of HER. {not often} SHE responds that, if the energies of Divine or Sacred Love are creation itself, then why not use SHE/HER in a world where the nurturing of all of life has been so deeply and unconscionably disrespected? Why not bring in the energies of the unconditionally loving Divine? Why not indeed?

It is these qualities, HER qualities, which are so needed at this time. Yes, what we know as the Sacred Masculine, those energies that are action-oriented and outward-moving, are always needed on any world. It is these energies that perform the actions and efforts of support and provision, whether they run in a male or a female body. What directs these energies, however, needs to be Love.

One of the reasons I love quantum-speak is because one gets past all the male/female stuph and into the realms of the real. What is light up to? How does the Infinite wield HERself through us? This is the cool stuph, at least for me.

So, again for example, as I contemplate revising the way of doing business as it flows through me, I asked about quantum-speak vs. HER-speak. She laughed for… oh… not sure she has stopped yet. Not sure she ever will. Ridiculous semantics, I know… silly rabbit…

If SHE is the Infinite and the ALL and that field is composed of HER love, then of course the tech-speak, the quantum stuph, will come through from that place of loving, exactly as it needs to do.

Stay tuned!

One of the ways of this is “singing yourself strong”. Find a way to plug sound into your manifesting and a deeper connection forms within HER embrace.

Try humming a bit as you contemplate a manifestation… you know… something you want to happen or to create. It can be that simple. The truest things tend to be.


"Am I not right here who is your Mother?

Are you not under my shadow and protection?

Am I not the foundation of your being, your sustenance,

your happiness, peace and effortlessness?

Are you not in the Fold of My Garment?

Do you need anything else?

Do not allow anything to worry or disturb you anymore!"
~Aíne Armour, Celtic Fire and Faerie

What could be more all-permeable or sustainable than this?

Love to you!