What we Hear in Our Heads

What we Hear in Our Heads ~ Creates Realities

A Blessed 11:11 !! Today is a portal day. The master number 11:11 is unique in its alignment.

It portends a way through.

This morning, after dreaming of dragons, I woke hearing Paul Simon’s Armistice Day in my head. Well, it is that. Armistice Day. The end of the ‘war to end all wars’. What a joke that turned out to be. An end to a conflict which turned out to be one of many, on a world whose human foundations are based on the arrogant energies of us/them. For what reason?

What if it were not so going forward? What if tolerance, acknowledgement, appreciation, nurturing, nourishment, support and cherishing of all life were the order of every day?

What if a collective decision was made to now build differently? What then? The 100 year anniversary of an end to conflict might begin something real today.

11:11:1918 ~ 11:11:2018… Will the circle be unbroken? Is there, perhaps, another way?


Will we learn to replace this…

…the joy of victory…and the joy of an end to conflict…


With this?

The activation of awakening into the Infinite reality.

The 11:11 portal is one to awakening. Truth be told? Anyone can have awakenings. They are many and varied and all equally valuable in the grand scheme of things.

BEING AWAKE is something else entirely. It involves the dissolution of egoic identity. What is this thing we call ego? A survival mechanism meant to perpetuate our separation from Source. Every time we say or believe “I am That… I am not That…” we create another layer, another template to operate from within. Templates and filters create the parameters of what we perceive as reality. This is functional at best, limiting at worst. The roles we incarnate to play are meant to be fun.

Like the unicorns, we are designed to express love and laughter. It is one of the reasons we love their image so much, however we might hold it in our minds and/or hearts.

Who is to say what is right? When right and wrong have been polarized into a constant battle, why does it matter? Truly. Why does being ‘right’ matter? A fixed position is just that. Fixed. Rigid. Limiting. Why choose limits that no longer serve? Why create layer upon layer of limiting identity that shrouds the truth of our essential nature? What is there left to prove?

Must we prove that we can destroy the planet that sustains us, rather than dismantle what does not?

What happens when there is so much scaffolding that the original structure cannot be seen? We are there, beloveds. We are there.

Our original configuration is of light. We are designed to flow with and create from Divine Love. And yet, we continually buy into what we deem are harmless layers of filter. Perhaps so. Perhaps all filters are, in their essence, harmless. Where, then, comes the harm?

It is all about the experiences we incarnated to enjoy, to learn from, and to transcend. No harm, no foul, it’s all in the game. Are we not finished with the war games? Have we not learned all there might have been to learn, gleaned every last nano-blip of nuance from the realms of conflict? Do we not tire of clever words that matter not?

Clever words are only that. Clever words. The words may or may not hold truth but the voice does hold power. How will we allow ourselves to be empowered?

Today is a portal. All portals hold power. How will we become empowered?

SHE has a suggestion:


Let Love Win…