What is a Divinely-Oriented Life?

What is a Divinely-Oriented life?

It is not what you think. I mean that quite literally. Orientation to the Source of us All is not something the human mind can accomplish.

The Tibetan sand painting of the Kalachakra is an example of a particular structure of divine orientation. Our minds will instantly try to, and want to know if they need to, emulate this structure. This is why these structures are taught! They distract the mind and seduce it into becoming an ally.

The mind loves solving puzzles and it is good at that task!


Enter the Sanctum

The Kalachakra, seen in three-dimensional, holographic interpretation, is a temple structure. The inner teachings on this representation of a specific version of reality, are considered among the most sacred in Vajrayana Buddhism. They lead to a specific plane of consciousness.

One learns to set intent, focus upon and reside within the various levels or planes of awareness, until the pinnacle is reached. This teaching is an advanced tool for taming the mind.

Think of your favorite tool box. Some of you might react with “Oh, I leave that stuff to… fill in the blank of the person(s) that perform tool-wielding tasks.” That is telling. Some of you might instantly know whereof I speak. Some of us may have owned our favorite tool box at some point in this life, only to have left it behind, for whatever reason. These are all viable metaphors for how we view and interact with the process of awakening.

When do we pull out the tool box? When something is broken? Ha! Observe that belief system! When something needs adjusting? Closer to the mark!

As we progress through awakenings, we accumulate quite the tool box of methods and techniques. When to use them? The processing-addicted will tell you that this is a constant activity. Through certain phases of the work of re-pouring our foundations the tool box may indeed be a daily necessity. Certain tools run on auto-pilot with consistent use.

We are at a point in our evolution where we need to stop focusing on what is wrong or out of order and focus on what is working and what is going well. What does our poor tool box do then? It changes. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has a different application when we are in the cycle of awakening.

As our lives become more and more Source-oriented, the need to apply hammers and crowbars and spanners becomes strategic rather than constant.

At a certain point in our evolution we have realised that everything is Divine, everything is energy, and that the energetic causes of any symptom are what need to be dealt with, rather than focusing on the surface of what is presenting.

The world teaches us to deal with the symptoms. The dance is to do just that, but from a Divine orientation. This means that we look first at the underlying energetic patterns and programs that our bodies are still running that have caused the symptoms. Another helpful observation is to ask our bodies how various symptoms and occurrences are connected? There is always a connection. Everything is connected to everything.

What does Divine orientation or Source-Oriented look like? That is unique and individuated for each of us. That is NOT what the traditions teach, and there is a good and practical reason for this. It would not be practical nor possible for any system to offer a completely customized programme for many people at once. The concept is oxy-moronic.

And yet, the foundations and/or core principles of what leads to this orientation can be transmitted in a one-to-many format. The most common error in practice (use of the tool box) comes when people follow the letter of the practice and not its Spirit.

An example: Yesterday I took a trial run in an unfamiliar vehicle. Being unfamiliar with the car, I needed a quick tutorial in ‘where things are’ and ‘how things work’ on this vehicle. The same could be said of any new system of orientation. These are the foundations upon which we build our lives.

Here is another, more cosmic, example:

The Chakana, or Incan cross, is based on the constellation of the ‘Southern Cross’. To the Incas, it was the center of the universe, as it was the most visible constellation in the night sky.

The word Chakana is based on the word “chakay,” which means “to cross” or “to bridge”. What is truly being bridged is consciousness.

In this month’s Starstream transmission, SHE flowed the southern cross portal through me over and over, all day long. SHE sliced and diced it, so that from one angle it looked like a stepped pyramid. A re-membering. In another flow, I saw the design with a central spiral that telescoped upwards, not inwards, through my body.

It is said that the Incas may have based their territorial organization on the Chakana, creating an empire with the shape of a constellation. Not so different from Atlantis or ancient, pre-pharonic Egypt, or any of the civilizations we know of whose basis was Source-oriented.

The Chakana, for example, is a symbol of the collective unconscious and a map for complete spiritual development, that the Andean people were able to realize.

Apart from being a map for their inner world evolution, the Inca Cross is also a map of the outer world, of the universe. It displays a cosmology.

The Meaning of the Inca Cross:
{see the linked article for detailed description}

The levels of consciousness represented are:

Hana Pacha – Heaven
The upper world, light sophisticated energy. The stars, divine creatures, and gods.

Kay Pacha –The earth
This world, light and heavy energy, here and now, Mother Earth. People’s lives.

Uqha Pacha –The Underworld
Heavier energy, but not Hell, may be lucky, beautiful things. Death.

The holy animals symbolising these levels are:
Condor/eagle: represents the upper world in the sky
Cougar: represents powerful land animals
Snake: represents the lower world

The central circle represents the Incan capital of Cusco, the center for the people who lived in the middle of the 3 levels, the 4 elements and the middle of this universe.

The four most important corners are said to symbolize

  • North, South, East and West,

  • the 4 elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and

  • the 4 big stars in the South Cross.


Each of the quadrants represents a level of consciousness.

  • Upper Left Quadrant: Love, Trust, Connections

  • Lower Left Quadrant: Acknowledgement, Protection, Awareness

  • Lower right Quadrant: Happiness, Passion, Expression

  • Upper Right Quadrant: Responsibility, Productivity, Present

The center of the Inca Cross or portal as it is also called, first represents the achievement of spiritual wisdom, the awakening of our Divine Self after the “climbing” of the personality evolution is completed, the integration of personality that unites us with our highest consciousness, just exactly as does the center of a Buddhist Mandala or the Atman in Vedanta.


Our Divine orientation has always been to some visible form of light.

I heard an interesting story about how this information can show up in our lives. Once upon a trip into Kruger National Park, a brother and sister accompanied an enlightened one on what is sometimes called a ‘game drive’. For the four travelers involved, this was an adventure into Spirit.

At the four travelers moved deeper into the Dreamtime, unity consciousness and their biological and light coding began to manifest signs.

Suddenly, two snake eagles flew directly overhead. The driver stopped the vehicle immediately so that all could admire the winged wonder. To their amazement, one of the eagles held a freshly captured snake in its beak and talons. In mid-air the second eagle took the snake from the first. It was unclear whether the first eagle dropped the snake and the other picked it up and carried it for him/her or whether this was a ritual of shared burden. Only the eagles truly know.

For the brother and sister travelers, it was a definite sign. Of their relationship? Perhaps. Of some part of their individual and shared relationship with the Divine? Certainly. What did it mean? That information is shared between Source, the Eagles and the Siblings. It is for them to know and to understand, as are all such manifestations. Signs from Source are specific to the observers thereof.

What is a Divinely Oriented Life? It is a life whose foundations are built in alignment with Divine principles. It is the life we were built to live. The manifestation of this living looks and feels unique to each one of us, and yet the principles of this foundation are the same.

The modern world no longer builds according to Divine orientation (there are exceptions, of course) but in accordance with the principles of money and convenience. This is why its foundations are crumbling.

Even the most precise and sacred sand paintings are created as a testimony to impermanence. And yet, what we build in consciousness endures. What we build in consciousness directs the course of our lives. When we orient in this way there are always signs.

The more we build upon Source’s energetic principles, the clearer these signs become.

Isn’t that amazing?

Isn’t it wonderful that there is a true blueprint if we will open ourselves to it?

How will your Divinely-Oriented Life take shape?

The Chakana is an example of one cosmology. You will find your own. There are many systems, many tools available to demolish our old foundations and build new ones.

We have the opportunity, now, to find our favorites and re-build!

Listen to your heart. Listen to your body. Listen to the guidance that Source so amply provides.

Wishing you a wonderful life!
~ Namaste ~