Let's Talk Death & Endings ~

Let's Talk Death and Endings ~

There are many famous or infamous sayings about the transition humans call death. I will share two of my favorites with you. But first, remember that all of life is precious and sacred. Everything is Divine and no one particle can be replaced... by our wishing or striving or thinking. A strange world, this one.

We must be careful what we kill or allow to die... knowing that it is only a form change, yes, and when mozzies are concerned, not fast enough! Also knowing that as we honor our home frequency or the home (higher) frequency of anything that 'thing' becomes immortal.

What? Immortal? Yes. Meaning it does not cease to exist. The being in question changes form. Yes, we grieve the companionship in that particular form. Those tears are liquid love and are to be honored.

Take the time. Honor the death of your old life and the systems that are passing away, whether in celebration or grief or a bit of both. Let the new waters carry you gently (or however you will let them) home. Home to your home frequencies. Home to the vibratory state you MUST inhabit to move into whatever is next for you.

A new life REQUIRES new circumstances. They MUST occur. What is strange and terrifying about this time we are living through (and yes, you will, whatever the evidence to the contrary) is that we are making this crossing in existing bodies. That almost never happens on any world.It is proving to be quite the experiment!

Yesterday, I held vigil for a dear friend who is transitioning.  This friend happens to have four legs. He is a rather large Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. He has been the embodiment of love as an illusion of ferocity.

Standing at the door or gate, feet planted, head up, growling or barking, he is formidable. No one without fur, sharp teeth or claws would dare cross his territory.  He thought that was 'funny' and so played the game. When I asked him about it some years ago he shrugged it off.

"It's my job to look big and frightening and this body is good at that, and they love me and feed me well, so...?" He ended the sentence with a very Gallic shrug.

His inner worlds have been all about loyalty (common enough for a canine incarnation) and comradeship. He has provided comradeship to those who caretake the property he has protected for over a decade. That comradeship is his one love, outside of the one being he calls 'his'. Oh, he loves the smells of his local haunts and to taunt interlopers, but his one love? It is love itself.

Yesterday, as I meditated, holding my large four-legged friend and beckoning him into the light, he leaped at the chance.  I watched as he floated free of his body and asked him whether he was ready to leave it for good. He wasn't sure. He has absolutely no attachment to the form, you see. It has done its job and is now being 'funny' as he puts it. A bit annoying in an 'it doesn't really matter' kind of way.

As he turned his (very large) head in my direction, the joy he emanated was massive. I watched a portal open to another dimension. To my surprise and laughing delight, it held fields, similar to those of his physical location, but these fields were full of 'Swissys' all romping to their hearts' contents. My friend took one look around and, without hesitation, leaped into the play.

I watched him leaping and running and pouncing and playing for at least an hour. When a four-legged does transition into another form, there is often a 'party' for a job well done and an interim world where all of their favorite things from that body, that form, exist to be enjoyed. This was no exception. Swissy heaven? No, but a party nonetheless. He knows the difference and was there to enjoy.

After about 70 minutes, his form began to fade from my inner vision. He was leaving this other-dimensional realm. I tracked his energies and asked him why he was headed back into his body. Was he going to leave through another doorway? He replied, "It's dinnertime."

I laughed through my tears. This boy loves to munch. It is an agreed-upon phenomenon that he must have a black hole instead of a tummy. So here he was, playing in fields of light but he plunged back into the body because "It's dinnertime."

He also popped up to say hello to a neighbor who dropped by. Watching the big guy hop around, the neighbor wondered what all the fuss had been about. The dog looked quite well. He wanted to. The dog, that is. He wanted to present his best self for what might be one last time. This was another comrade to be honored.


What are we in the process of honoring, 'one last time'? Will we present our best selves, even as we feel them ending?

The world as we know it has ended and is turning into something new right before our eyes and under our feet. The funny part, from a certain point of view, is that it is we who are changing and thus our projected illusions MUST shift to support those changes.

Whenever my friend chooses his moment, after one last breakfast or dinner, I'm sure, it will be the moment that opens the door he wants to move through. He knows he is loved. He knows he is part of the ALL. He is not concerned except for the one he calls 'his' who will be sad. Why 'his'? Because this very large four-legged adopted this person as a project. He decided to 'keep him.'

One day, while visiting the big guy's home turf, I  had a special project in mind. I had a resource I knew was right to contribute to an on-going project. I took this out into a field with me and placed it on the ground so that the sun would illuminate it and join in my meditation. My four-legged friend whuffed right up, lay down in front of me, massive paws spread and asked "Ok, what are we doing? May I help ground something?" He is ever so good at grounding.

We meditated there, for a bit, grounding this resource's divine energy into the land and seeding new realities to be birthed thereupon. The big guy so appreciated being allowed to join in. This was his forte, grounding a reality in this place, and he knew it. To have his talents received and honored was a joy to him.


What is tough for humans, whose minds are conditioned to believe the illusion of separation, is the idea that physical 'death' is an ending. Humans make it real, like so many other illusions.

We are here to create realities but we forget this and are conditioned to fear what our minds have been trained to reject as unreal.

Endings are a sign that something wonderful is about to begin. The act of creation is seamless and contains within its embrace, the destruction of what was, to make room for what becomes.

Fear is an unworthy travel companion. Park it at the curb, leave it by the wayside, let its particles cascade from you as you morph into a new destiny. Nothing will be lost in this process that does not need to change form. Every particle is immortal as part of HER wave.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”~ Frank Herbert, Dune

Who is the I that remains? What does s/he look like or feel or know? As the currents of ending become something new, we will see and we will feel and we will know. Perception, as it awakens and move into higher frequency, always comes first. Cognition, meaning the mind finally integrating some kind of understanding, will come after. 

Be with what is shifting. It is pointless to allow any particle to resist these waves.

We can all be like my gallant four-legged friend. We can play in the transitional realms offered to us as we morph and shift and become.

Honor the endings as you celebrate what is emerging! We have nothing to lose because no thing is ever lost. Honor the liquid love as it streams down your cheeks or rushes across the land. Honor your home vibration whether you yet recognize it or not.

There are worlds to be born through our willing hearts. Death is a doorway to be embraced. It sets parts of us free. Free to become. Free to raise our frequencies. Free to become that home we long for, finally, and at last... or is it at first? Linear can be confusing when we know what is real.

Enjoy the endings. Celebrate your tears. Their love waters the seeds of new becoming.

~Blessed new destinies,