Let's Talk ~ Living Lab ~

Let's Talk Living Lab ~

For the next seven years (approximate earth space-time) every being living on Gaia will participate in new areas of consciousness. Source is taking over the "Gaian Experiment". What does that mean? Everything systematized, especially by the 'powers that were', is being broken down into its particles within the Great Waves of luminosity from which all things flow. Losing the poetry? All old forms are dissolving and re-forming.

We are entering the transition of transcending closed systems. This begins with ideology and cosmology; our internal and external systems of thought and of 'how things work' in the multiverse.

Efforts to keep our physical lives on the same or a linear track while everything is in full boil at the particle levels will cause what is called 'splinching' in the Harry Potter books, or the effect of a broken transporter from Star Trek. Parts of a being end up in different physical and/or dimensional locations. Messy and unnecessary. 

There has been a lot of new age chat about ascending, ascension symptoms and the like. All leading up to this. This is different. This is transcendence. We are the living lab, each of us, for how an embodied consciousness transcends its original incarnational parameters and becomes something entirely new, radically different, and true to its nature. Sound fun? Welcome to the party.

At December's Solstice, we exited the hidden holodeck of the living lab. Always present on this planet, the lab is now moving from covert operations to the forefront of consciousness. All closed systems, meaning every 'system' of belief, thought, ideas and incarnational parameters are being renegotiated.

A closed system is neither a good nor a bad thing. Those labels are user-defined. A closed system like the KalaChakra mandala from Tibetan Buddhism, whose intricate designs are the architecture of a system of enlightenment, has been considered to be the epitome of the highest teachings. A system of Infinite benefit.  Closed systems like the belief systems that limit our thoughts and ideas from perceiving undistorted truth {name your dogmatic position here} only have benefit to those who allegedly control those systems. Yet, most who participate in these systems of control perceive some benefit within them or they might be tempted to break free. The cage doors are now open, the bars dissolving and the parts of us that depended on those structures for security are freaking out as they disintegrate.

A closed system is only as 'good' or 'bad' as its parameters for being fixed or for being morphable. Consciousness is not stagnant. The more fixed a system, (or particle) the less conscious it becomes.

Closed systems were designed from the infrastructure of light, whose fluidity was 'captured' in infinite designs, the way a camera captures a 'still' of the living lab we all inhabit.

This living infrastructure is now pulsing with the Invincible Force, moving us into a new experiment. Full embodiment, what used to be called full cellular enlightenment, is a living lab in which particles collaborate, combine and re-combine in a constantly morphing dance of creation.

Does that mean our bodies are changing as well as our lives? Yes. How quickly? You know the answer to that: "It depends."



The question that will resound through the living lab is not 'who loves you, baby?' You know the answers to that. It is 'who owns you?' Or what? This is the exhilarating, amazing end-game of all entrapment constraints... if we so choose. And what if the answer was "Nothing and no one... I AM FREEDOM."

What vestiges of old particles are being shed? How do you feel as your newer and truer embodiment? Navigate this by feeling, not by thinking. The mind will get there eventually.

We are each particle and wave.  What morphs are the constraints that have bound us 'in particular'. Collapse the past and the future into NOW and watch the magic happen.  This is our new practice. This is how we will create. This is where the fun begins.

Will we create new 'closed systems'? Certainly. Experience lives within these expressions. Yet each will hold within it the core truth of its freedom to shift and grow and change.

What will you make REAL? 
What matters?
That is manifesting even as your mind gropes to understand.

May your choices be conscious and your living lab aware.

~wishing you freedom,