Let's Talk Expansion & Exposure ~

Let's Talk Expansion & Exposure ~

There is a fundamental difference and it is not what you think.

When we talk business and marketing, we talk about expanding our sales of a product or products or services 'en masse', or 'to the masses'. We also use the term expansion to describe accelerations in consciousness or awareness.  Is expansion the energy we want for how things will now function? Let's explore.

An energy field expands and our definition indicates that said field is increasing in size, perhaps in power and influence, depending on whose definition we are applying to the expansion principle. What does that imply? Stronger? Weaker and more diffused? Bigger? Better? Feel into it.

When we talk about exposure we tend to think we are talking about being raw and somehow vulnerable. Is this true? What does your home frequency bundle have to tell you about that?

We have all met someone who is the poster person for "what you see is what you get." We always know where we are with this person because nothing is hidden. Interactions are predictable according to type. This is a form of exposure as well. This 'type' carries hints of how interaction truly functions.

What do we fear about expansion? Is it exploitative? {precedent for that} Is it overwhelming? {precedent for that} Is there something in our definition that wants to shift? A quick pivot that would change everything if we relaxed enough to let it happen?

What do we fear about exposure? Our dirty laundry would be out in the open for all to see? News flash, no one would be interested. We all make 'laundry' and it is rather boring on the whole. Would our secrets be secret no longer? In terms of energy, are your 'secrets' not absolutely open and available to anyone who can see? {Trust me, the answer is 'yes'.}

Now that I have applied the Divine crowbar to the chinks of the mind, let's talk about energy.

Energy does not increase in size or strength. It compounds or implodes through designated channels like the alleged interest on your financial investments. Divine energy is limitless, endless, and Infinite. It flows along lines of light (creation's information highways) according to access and integrity of spirit. Hold your definition of expansion up to that model and see how you might have been misinformed here and there.

Exposure is what is required for your gifts, talents, and abilities, your light quotient, in other words, to flow at all, especially 'into the world.' Yes, exposure, not expansion.

When we talk about expansion, we are talking about stepping into other areas, other fields of energy, that may or may not be compatible with ours. They might even be toxic. With this common and prevalent definition of expansion, we authorize our energies to move from our home frequencies and try to merge and mingle in other realities where those frequencies may or may not be well received.

When we exposure our gifts, talents, and abilities, letting others see into and through the realities we play in, that is enough. Divine magnetism will draw those who resonate with our exposed truth and draw us toward the exposed truths that we resonate with. It will repel those with whom we have no real truth in common. Multi-versal magnetism is a simple algorithm. It is a relaxed and open state.

Ask yourself this, in your efforts to 'do business' amidst all that is shifting. Am I {pushing} expanding into energies that don't feel good, or am I uncovering the frequencies that are a joy to me and sharing those simply by radiating them? 

How does one 'launch' that? One doesn't. Not in the traditional ways and means. New methods of sharing frequencies, products and services already exist. The grand experiment is beginning. A fresh start on manifesting with entirely new platforms, tools, methods, and what-have-yous.

The things that worked in the old cycle, in your old life, may well have the opposite effect as you go forward. Yes, meaning that 'tried and true' things may be harmful rather than helpful and blow up in our faces in spectacular and amazing ways. Those that do not will be the exceptions, not the rules.

What are the new rules? A divinely interconnected lattice of energetic consensus based on resonance. Within that infrastructure, we are guaranteed that we are:

~ unique and precious and not alone
~ valued beyond our wildest imaginings
~ already in touch with and supported by the resources we require

What are the foundational values of this new 'whateveritis'? {paradigm, age, cycle, ...} That which nurtures, nourishes, accepts, acknowledges, supports, and cherishes, our exposed and radiant essence. The joy is in the discovery and interconnection.

What happens when enough of this infrastructure is exposed? Let's find out, shall we?


For more about that infrastructure, see my article on Medium comparing blockchain technology to the flower of life. Not marketing anything here. Pointing out what has been hidden in plain sight for...ever.

Remember that poster with the unfortunate man in the trench coat 'exposing himself to art' in front of a statue? Still makes me laugh out loud. Silly humans. Tricks are for kids. Let the real games begin.

What if there were no exit strategies? What if the way 'out' is 'through'? What if to 'be absorbed' is not to hide but to 'be exposed' as the light that you are?

What if you have not been all that you are because it simply was not possible until... NOW?

Fully embodied. Fully exposed. Nurturing and nurtured by the Oneness Within.

Enjoy the show as the light goes on and the lights go out... all over the realities of this world. Popcorn-worthy. Most definitely. You'll want good seats from the vantage point of your home frequency viewing platforms.

Be seeing you!