Let's Talk Manifestation ~

Let's Talk Manifestation ~

The two threads that instantly pop up with this topic can be summarized this way. " I want to be able to instantly manifest things without having to pay for them," and " I want to have enough money to be able to do what I want." The ego has just turned a government-issued, consensus-based form of exchange based on nothing but 'good faith', into GOD. It still gobsmacks me when I watch this happen.

Sit with these unconscious threads and you'll see what I mean. And you will be treated to a rousing chorus of cacophony from the 'but-but' bird that tells you, right in your face, that the world runs on money and to ignore that... blah blah blah. Who said anything about ignoring money? That would be ignoring a symbol for energy exchange. Let's begin again.

Beginning again is what our world is doing. It is happening, ready or not. It was brought to my attention this morning that a lot of the 'save the world' types who are involved in cryptocurrency are turning around and spending that currency on stereotypical luxuries. Many are. Many are not. Hardly the point, though it does make one get that Scottish Terrier tilt of the head and scrunched-up facial expression.

The slightly edited though brilliantly articulated outline of intent from the person who brought this to my attention was: "My aim is to pay off my house in {undisclosed location} and buy a string of properties in wonderful places in which like-minded persons could reside and enjoy life. {undisclosed location} becomes a hub and home for those needing to work occasionally (and have a US base for various reasons) and the other places turn into a roaming commune of star beings interfacing with the earth and universal portals at those selected points. Oh. And a pot of money for living expenses and travel tickets."

Here is Source's remix through my current understanding:
"My intent is to enjoy a network of properties at high-frequency locations in which beings of like or similar resonance (home frequencies) could reside and enjoy life. {undisclosed location} becomes a hub and home for those choosing to interact in and with that area. All locations function as a flowing network of landing pads for high frequency sensitives to interface with the earth, universal portals and one another. A flow of resources supports this lifestyle including all travel requirements."

What was 'wrong' with the first articulation? Nothing. Feel the purity of intent in both of these declarations. Feel that the second is perhaps less entangled in what was and more open to what is possible.

Now, to manifest such an intention, the first thing we think of is money. THAT is incorrect for this cycle. Incorrect as a go-to first thought. Incorrect as the assumed means by which we manifest. Remember that money is a symbol, only.

Our essential energy is our one true resource. SOURCE is THE one true resource. How are we in the flow of this/these resource(s) and how are we investing it/them? How and in what are you investing your one true resource?

How much of your time, effort, mental energy, and etc. go into mindless day-to-day stuff? How much goes into playing out life in your head as to what might or could happen or in fantasies about what you want to happen or are afraid will happen? This is non-optimal investing.

Our essential energy is our one true resource. SOURCE is THE one true resource.

People tell me all the time that this stance is impractical, that SOURCE doesn't pay the bills. I beg to effing differ. Let's talk openly about manifesting in this new cycle.

In the past decade, I have had fall apart or have ignored every old cycle 'way' of achieving financial support. What happened? My old life dissolved. That was a good thing. I had no fear as life morphed around me into new experiences of reality. This is a better thing. I am not now, nor have I ever been homeless or destitute. I have not lived out anyone's worst fears. I have, on occasion, been a mirror for those whose fears involve what others think, or adherence to what others think they should do, or how they should live. Irrelevant. Source waves that stuff away like cobwebs if we let HER.

So back to manifesting. Allowing our minds to think 'money equals manifestation' will no longer function as we imagine it might have done. Let's let that go along with "money is power" and "money before manifestation."


There is a simple formula that works. Decide what you want to manifest. Pick one thing, to begin with, because 'everything' means Source has to find loopholes and chinks in your programming and armor to deliver 'everything' and that could take awhile.

Then choose to trust, holding yourself to that choice. This takes perseverance and discipline, two words that I was informed this morning have 'negative connotations.' I beg to...differ.

If a word, which is a label for a feeling or state of mind, has a negative connotation, who put that in place? Who is responsible for changing it?

Discipline is the practice of choosing, again and again, to take action or be held in a specific bandwidth (like high frequency) and holding oneself to that recurring choice no matter what.

Discipline is applied commitment.

Perseverance is continuing to choose and hold oneself to that choice over and over again.

Does that imply some kind of conflict? Does it need to? If your definitions so indicate, then let them go.

There is a simple and direct method for manifesting in a cycle of abundance and joy (hint: this new cycle). Decide. Choose again and again FOR that decision. Persevere in allowing only the highest frequencies into the process. Relax into the flow of it. Take inspired actions. Receive.

Your desired (decision-based) reality will form itself around and through you. Don't trust me on this, trust the Source that YOU are. You are ready and able. The 'willingness' is all.

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May you be blessed with abundance and joy whatever you choose.