Let's Talk Trust, Transcendence & Trading ~

Let's Talk Trust, Transcendence & Trading ~

Which means, of course, that what is really being discussed is flow, surrender, and abundance. Where do our societally and culturally conditioned minds go with that? Money. Honestly? I'm bored with 'money' as a topic so let's go where this really needs to go. 

So let's talk mountains. One of the prevailing mythologies in all human cultures is the mountain. There are as many mountain metaphors as there are people to speak them. Choose your favorite. My personal fave, long ago and lifetimes away, was the one from Sound of Music. Climb every mountain! Set to music, of course, because that delivery system really is unsurpassed. The point was that the high places are where the light lives. And the light, found by living the love that moves through you, is where your dreams will be fulfilled.

The 'mountain' metaphor lives in everything on this world. Sit with that and you will begin to feel how truth speaks to you through the voice of the mountain. Do you trust what the 'mountain' tells you? There is no right answer. Only a good source of information for what you incarnated here to learn from, move through, and/or let go. 

So back to our mountain. In transcendence, we might choose to become like the mountain, invincible and immovable, or to scale its heights. We might be curious as to what is on the other side, or want to escape our current situation so much so that we project that what is on that other side MUST be better than 'here', wherever that might be.

Bear with me, I do have a point.

I am seeing something. Something in the air, the water, and the earth (this year) that is the change we have waited and prayed for. I am seeing it in new forms of business and exchange.

I am seeing into the blockchain, into the infrastructure of light that it is built FROM rather than UPON. This is different! And, as you might well understand, different is GOOD. And, if something is built FROM a sustainable resource, that is also BETTER.

Decentralization is the key. Shared accountability, integrity, and commitment to what is sustainable. If you're interested in the parallels between blockchain design and the sacred geometry of the flower of life, check my new Steemit posts on the subject.

What shows up in 'trading' and yes, I refer to cryptocurrencies and/or the stock market though that is not our subject here, is another mountain metaphor. A plateau of energy perhaps followed by a rise (think foothills) then a gradual or steep ascent to the 'top' where things will NOT remain, but descend again, thus forming this thing we call a 'mountain'. What happens after the ascent is, topographically, either a plateau that sinks into oblivion or more foothills and an ebb and flow into sustainability.

How does this apply to trust, transcendence and, potentially and only perhaps, trading? Where are we putting our energy, our thoughts and our efforts, our REAL resources? If we put our essence, our light, our love, into trying to shore up what is falling apart, in order to preserve a life that is currently dissolving, we are adding 'brick and mortar' to a sand castle. Yet we project onto these endeavors that they are 'our mountain' to climb.

If you're honest with yourself, you know what I'm talking about. So, what is sustainable and what do trust and transcendence have to do with it? Trading was really to make you go '???' and to introduce you to something that is going to figure in changing things in a major way.


Given: The old world is falling apart.

Also Given: 'I' (whoever that might be) have a certain lifestyle, stakes in it (that must be painful) and want to preserve the 'top of this mountain' whilst scaling whatever comes next.

Proof: Yah. Uh-huh. Please refer to the above-outlined pattern. Your true resources cannot and will not leave you and you do not need to plateau and sink into oblivion. Rather, you can ebb and flow with the foothills and/or waves into something sustainable.

Fear that Puts On the Brakes: Sustainable doesn't taste good. Sustainable means losing what I have now. (Yes, that millstone around your neck? Good riddance.) Sustainable is... whatever your worst fears are, they will surface into this unfilled blank.

Solution: Choose to TRUST at levels that you have not yet imagined. TRANSCEND the fears that bind you to life patterns and promises and are no longer valid for your ascending essence. And hey, check out new forms of exchange that make 'our' true resources even more valuable, or perhaps valued for the first time in a long time. No need to 'invest' anything except your essence into what is essential to you.

I once read an article written by a woman who had read many minimalist articles (and I am not advocating that lifestyle necessarily, don't get scared now) and insisted that she NEEDED her 5-bedroom home, with 2-car garage, where she lives by herself, all for herself. I tend to honor people's beliefs unless they ask me to shed light under the bonnet, but THAT... is an adjustment waiting to happen. {No, I did not comment. What would be the point? We all choose to learn the way we all choose to learn.}

We do NOT have to 'lose everything'.  That is not even remotely possible. We have everything... to trust and to transcend and to collaborate within. You...will... always... have...what...you...require. There is a new agey saying that could be applied here. Don't give up before the miracle. 

Hang in there.  It will be an interesting seven years we're heading into. Mind those sails. Keep the heavy weather gear handy. Avoid the quicksand. And hey, lighten up as much as possible!

Time to trust and transcend.

Oh, and the mountain gear? That's up to you! It stows well. ;)