Let's Walk All That Talk ~

Let's Walk All That Talk ~

Or better yet, rise, ascend, fly, float, swim, soar and fully embody it. Else, why all the words in the first place? Words have power. They form thought into specific vibration. Vibration creates resonance. Resonance is what we are that draws circumstances, situations, people, places, things and events towards us, and moves us towards the realities that contain them.

There is only the NOW, being present as presence. Yet, we experience this now-ness in a linear manner, one moment, event, situation and set of circumstances at a time. This paradox of perception is a given on this world.

We have been talking about a lot of new ways to perceive, to be and to create. New modalities for a new cycle. New ways to assist our desired manifestations in showing up.

Let's dive into how to walk a new way.

Say you have a pattern, a track record, a 'known' set of circumstances that has repeated itself over and over in your life.  You may fear and resist the constant appearances of this pattern. You may have broken this pattern and be confident of that, or, you may hope you have overcome this pattern but still fear its consequences showing up in your life. How the pattern presents for you at this time is less important than observing its presence.

Hold the records and memories of the pattern in your mind, loosely and without attachment or resistance. "Just the facts."

Bring your awareness to a stillpoint within you. Let your pattern recollection software spin that known pattern around you. Watch it spin and twist and begin to create variations on that well-known scream. There, you have just re-created your world... again...in the same old way.  This is what our minds know how to do. It is how we create by default.


Would you like to live a new way?

Release any reactivity that came up, letting it dissolve into the arms of the Infinite. These are the core patterns that have shaped your experience of reality. Your experience is changing and can change even more rapidly if you walk a new way.

Start over with the pattern. "Just the facts." Acknowledge the presence within the pattern and simply observe. NOW, rest again in your stillpoint, letting go of all patterns, programs, belief systems, habits of behavior, agendas, definitions, constructs, rules, vows, pledges, alliances, allegiances...okay, wait, maybe that's too much for a start.

Go back to resting in the stillpoint, in your favorite scenario.  In this place, habitual patterns do not exist. Rest in the Infinite seas, absorbed in light, in the arms of your favorite deity, wherever you are able to let go completely.

Now, recall the magic. Recall what it is that uplifts you like nothing else. Allow JOY to permeate your being. Feel the roaring joy of presence in creation.

Feel the 'what' of this essence for which you yearn. A vision, a set of feelings or circumstances, the 'what' with as few labels as possible. As you rest in the joy of this space, feel the 'what' with everything you are. Watch as ribbons of light form currents within the Infinite seas. Each of these holds possibilities, potentials, infinite variations on how the 'what' is manifesting for you.

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Focus on the what not the how.

Feel which current is, or which currents are, the strongest. Let yourself be drawn in.. Flow with the current and feel it pick up speed. {eventually linear motion will cease and you will simply 'be there' as soon as you can move fully into presence} Observe as pieces of the 'how' begin to come together.

This is where refinement begins. As the steps and pieces of the 'how' begin to manifest, you will notice that some of the steps or pieces do not seem to fit, once another piece is put into place. Sanding or sieving or shifting may need to occur. Rather than jumping in, to 'do' this, allow Source to show you the refined step or piece, as it needs to be in the NOW and let the situation be morphed in place. If there is an action to be taken, you will know. When that happens, do not hesitate! Act in the moment.

In physicality, refinements can look like people or places or things showing up temporarily that seem to be an option, but very quickly show themselves not to be. Don't be upset by these temporary puzzle pieces. Each unlikely candidate that may have seemed likely, or like the only available option at the time, brings a necessary flavoring to the stew of creation. There was something there that needed to be seen and experienced, then discarded so that a more refined experience might manifest.

How do we allow a more refined experience to manifest? First, we choose a high-frequency life experience.  Then, we acknowledge that Source has a much better idea of how this can manifest for us than our minds can grasp or that we can manage by manipulating our life circumstances egoically. {That would be the 'I have to do this because there is no one else or no one else will do it right.'}

Acknowledging this, we move into stillness, rather than into doing. Observe as the 'how' manifests completely in consciousness. This is known as the vision. Visionaries do this effortlessly, like breathing. They don't understand that other archetypes have to learn how to hold a vision. A visionary will often say "I can't see it yet, but as soon as I can I will know how to manifest it." 

Manifesting a vision in the new cycle is learning to be held by a vision rather making an effort to hold one. This sounds like "I can't see it yet but Source can, and if I let HER come in and take over the manifesting process, all will be well."  We all have the visionary archetype within us. We are all learning to create as Source creates, by allowing that process to hold us and to occur.

Focus on the what, letting the details be filled in by Source as you watch in wonder. Leave the how alone, until there are action steps you are guided to take. And when there are what seem like too many steps in too many directions, relax and know that there are mental agendas that have let the vision get out of hand and run away with itself. Release them. Set the energies free.

When overwhelm happens, and it sometimes will during the learning process, relax and come back to the stillpoint. Let the vision re-grow itself around you in consciousness. See it complete and shining. Let go again as more refined pieces come into play. Make the efforts that show up to be made. Relax, and watch in wonder as the vision manifests magnificently.

Leave the 'how' to the Infinite. Don't wait to begin! Perfect timing is NOW. Nurture the Oneness Within.

Blessed manifesting! Relax and watch in wonder {even in the middle of a full-on sprint}.