Let's Talk Inspiration ~

Let's Talk Inspiration ~

The essence of living a High Frequency Life is inspiration. This is a life of inspiration as currency. We live by, for, and through what inspires us. If this sounds unrealistic or a bit 'Pollyanna', keep reading!

The concept of inspiration coupled with perseverance is as old as time. {koan implied} One of my favorite hexagrams from the I Ching, Hexagram 34: The Power of the Great, states that "Perseverance Furthers". There are many interpretations of this, the common thread being that perseverance is required to accomplish anything worthwhile.

While perseverance (and its cousins, determination, dedication, and discipline) is a requirement for accomplishment, it is not the only necessary ingredient. What uplifts us and catapults us into higher octaves of life is inspiration.  It is the new currency for higher frequencies of energetic embodiment and exchange.

What is an optimal creative alliance? Luminary + Visionary + 2 or more Creative Implementors.

While these roles can be a bit interchangeable, this recipe is of Source's brewing. Embodied Luminaries are the more rare article. Sometimes a part of this recipe is the illumination that comes as insight and inspiration and comes through any one of the collaborative team.

All such recipes for manifestation require vision. A visionary (inspire-er) or a shared vision, probably both. Vision allows inspiration and insight to become real through the vehicle of imagination. What inspires vision? What might we imagine we can create or become?

And every cake requires an oven. This is where the creative implementation team comes in.  Ideally, each member of an alliance of collaborators will share in the vision, have experienced a bit of illumination (or be that) and embody skills, talents, and abilities that contribute to the whole.  New communities. High Frequency Collaborations. New fields of love-light and play.

We can, none of us, be a solo artist within the currents of inspiration. We may have begun that way or had to become that, in order to survive in a world not designed for creative implementation. We may even have convinced ourselves that 'being alone' and operating out of lone wolf mentality was lonely, yes, but a requirement for our ascension and/or evolution. And the times, as the song says, are a-changing.

Does one cell have the ability to create a new body all by itself?  Oddly, yes, under very specific scientifically-proven circumstances. An ovum is penetrated by 'something' sterile which invasive act stimulates cellular mitosis (splitting & replication) and development. In this case, which has been proven in laboratory experiments, the cloned being is identical to the original, carrying the same traits, patterns, and programs. A copy, but not a growth manifestation.

So how do new collaborative tribes, teams, and alliances need to function? The currency is inspiration. Not only the fleeting kind where light bulbs go off in a cartoon bubble over our heads but the kind of inspiration that can be fed and watered and cared for between those who know what they are about. They kind that lives and grows and creates our next destines.

We are all learning to live in new ways. Everything we have learned about 'what works' basically doesn't.  While we have no clue about how to do what is needed in our current ventures, or we think we do but the learning curve is so steep we feel overwhelmed, what we need to learn to depend on is inspiration. The LIGHT that moves us all.

I hear this all the time; "I don't know how!" Right. Roger that. No one knows 'how' to 'do' this. We are being instructed by immersion in higher frequencies. Immersion in our experiences of life. Immersion in light, though it may appear as though we are mired in 'what was'. Immersion in the experience (though not always obvious) of having to trust in what inspires us, to literally save the day.

What happens when the inspirer becomes uninspired? Or when inspiration seems to have deserted us and something we count on to inspire us knocks the wind out of us 'instead'?

We all know that feeling. Deflation. The 'Sarah Connor' lament of "It will never be over, will it?" (reference: The Terminator, first film) We feel overwhelmed, deflated, exhausted, ready to go back to bed and stay there 'until it's over'. It... will... never... be...over... until inspiration is allowed to become our naturally occurring currency. We must trust in the miraculous without a clue as to how it will accomplish our ends. We have no other options. And our minds do not know 'how' anything will happen.

"What steps do I take? How do I do this? I have to manage this! I have to..." all symptomatic expressions of the old cycle. All reasonable interpretations by the mind as it is being dismantled and re-created, in situ, by Source. Our bodies, our lives, our selves, are being morphed in place.

Sarah had it right. Our evolution will never be 'over'. What will end, if we allow ourselves to be inspired into new frequencies, are these feelings... overwhelm, deflation, depression, despair, wanting to give up, wishing for things to be different whilst feeling that what we really want will be forever just out of reach.

In short, what will end are the tortured dreams of an egoic existence.

Interested? Of course, you are or you would not have persevered thus far.

Perseverance furthers. Only as we allow inspiration, vision, and creativity to become the 'how' of each and every moment. EVERY moment... not only those in which we have invited inspiration to join us.

Inspiration is the new currency for the new cycle. As we share and 'trade' our inspiration, the breath of the Divine expresses through us, builds, amplifies, creates and full-fills.

What happens when the vision wavers? Inspiration is the antidote to flagging dreams.

What happens when creativity wobbles? Inspiration fuels us into level flight, from which we can soar.

When we lean into our collaborative endeavors, we allow Source to amplify what is possible. Potential becomes a possibility, which can then be implemented into reality.

Why might that be challenging at present? Why mightn't it feel like it is working?

There are two main factors. One: we are still in collaboration with un-aligned frequencies. Lots of those in the world, not to be avoided, but to be discarded and left behind as we light-lift. Left... behind, (no matter who or what they are). How?  Remember that Source, the Light is that 'do-er'.

Two: We have not stepped or leapt fully into the currents of inspiration and are not living unconditionally from that place. It is not far-fetched. It is not impossible. It has arrived!!!


This is why nothing else works anymore or is gobsmackingly, bloody difficult. F...Y...I.

Let's LIVE inspiration! Let's BE those collaborative circles or trinities or four-on-the-floors, newly forming from inspiration, vision and creative implementation!

You are formally and unconditionally invited to take part in Source's new playing fields! {Pleeeeease, don't refuse this particular invitation! It will avail you nothing.}

Why not? The old life is lost anyway. There is only love-light-full-fillment to be gained!

Inspired, illumined love to you!