Let's Talk Liftoff ~

Let's Talk Liftoff ~

We are being launched into new realities. New realities have new physics, new parameters, new filters, new nav systems... new everything.

During a rocket launch, there is a lot of smoke, noise, a buildup of energy on the ground, the falling away of the support structure that held the rocket in place...and, finally, the big stack of fuel-and-engine stuff begins to slowly move skywards. As the vehicle moves past the atmosphere (boundary of an old reality) it sheds stages of the launch apparatus. Once in 'space' what remains of the vehicle is a tiny conical tip of what was a giant iceberg, surfing a reality that has been left behind. The cockpit is, finally, 'above the water line' of planetary consciousness and the formations of its realities. (Mixed metaphors, yes, but they work so bear with me.)

How is a rocket being launched like an iceberg? Let's begin with how are the 'beings' in the cockpit like the consciousness held frozen in form?

Using the iceberg metaphor, we choose to bring more of what is navigating in the waters of the unconscious literally to light. The 'berg' rides higher in the water, exposed to more light.

Using the rocket metaphor, the beings in the cockpit are finally 'freed' from planetary atmospheric conditions and gravity (what holds things into that planetary experience) in order to journey farther and experience more of what consciousness has to offer.

Liftoff is seen to be a big deal. Consider the calving of a glacier. When an iceberg of a certain size breaks free of its glacial coherence, it gets our attention. When something the size of a rocket heaves itself into space, likewise. Mass, weight, and effort grab attention in this world.

Do we feel the same watching a hummingbird lift itself and hover near a flower, wings ablur? How about a stealth-mode hovercraft? Perhaps our reaction depends on how much sci-fi we've been exposed to recently or how attuned we are to nature's rhythms... or how natural and 'effortless' we feel a process to be?

How would you feel if a tornado sucked you in and up? Or if a waterspout appeared in the sea beneath you and lifted you on high? Liftoff, within the confines of planetary reality (and gravity), can feel frightening and ungrounded. One of the body's most common reactions will be "Put me down! I want my feet on the ground!"  While this reaction is reasonable, it is survival-based in a way that will not serve a world in transition.


Lift me up or put me down?
What we have chosen is manifesting.

An enclosed planetary reality is more accustomed to receiving downloads (input) into its existing constructs than to being light-lifted into something unknown and unfamiliar. Our bodies may have been birthed into a planetary construct but they are also constructed of light. Light is intelligence. It knows what to do, be and express.

How would the light handle 'this'? (whatever your 'this' is today as we are light-lifted at lovespeed) You don't need to understand the answer mentally, and that would take too much time anyway. The 'how' of this liftoff is to let the light take over. Let yourself be morphed in place. THAT is what will change the 'place' because the 'you' that has morphed will then influence the world around you, creating new experiences, new realities and a LOT more fun!

Oh, and did I mention you have to leave the old methods of function behind?  There is no 'back' to go to, no 'down' to be put into, no amount of waiting still to be counted down.

Time to lose the 'wait' and lighten up.