Let's Talk Solutions ~

Let's Talk Solutions ~

What everyone is hoping for, praying for, intending and fairly adamant about needing right now are some immediate and sustainable solutions. Solutions to pretty much everything, especially to the endings, new beginnings, 'lettings of go', transitions, transformations and other divine amusement rides we have all been enjoying.

What does a solution look like? What does 'the miraculous solution' feel like? That would be subjective, would it not?

What if there are infinite solutions available in each and every circumstance? What then? How does one choose?

What is the solution to an updraft of cosmic proportions? What is the solution to a tsunami of light? Maybe to soar like a falcon in the upcoming drafts or to immerse like a sea lion or dolphin and ride the wave. Are those actions solutions? Why not?

The trick to every 'solution' is that, in dualistic terms, there appears to be a 'problem' to be solved. A productivity or personality bottleneck at work or in our creativity, a relationship or behavioral 'issue'... what do these things have in common? Their definition, by us, as a 'problem' to be solved (usually by 'us' or someone close to us if we're into abdication).

Given #1: The perception of a problem requiring a solution is subjective and rooted in the eye of the perceiver.

Given #2: (Thank you, Einstein) "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. "

It helps to remember the 'givens' when the symptoms of our circumstances feel all too real.

What is the solution to a pathless path with no satellite navigation telling us every step to take?  Oh wait, we have that. It's called intuition.


Listen to the Light

For 'ever' on this and all worlds, infinite intelligence has been, is, and always will be, available.

But let's go back to the Givens. You remember what a 'given' is from first-year geometry right? The basic formula begins with "Given that a statement or perception is true or factual, (rarely both) then how might one come to the 'proof' of a proposed solution? 

I found it a bit nonsensical that, if one began with a fixed perception (the given) and the proposed 'proof' of another fixed perception was assumed, there was any point in solving the problem or providing the 'proof'. Especially as all of this was to strengthen the mental gymnastics muscles, (not that maths aren't lovely, but I prefer chaos theory to pointless endeavors).  Maths being assumed to be a multiversal 'given' because, after all, any intelligent species in any universe would know how to count.

Human arrogance never ceases to entertain. Linear bullshit-r-us!

There are those who write about the infinite tech and specifications of everything happening, and I am sometimes one of them. There are those who get lost in the mental comings and goings of how all of this works and what one has to do to navigate 'all this stuff'. The funny thing about the mental gymnastics is that with everything changing all the time, the minute you get a handle on something in that way, it shifts. It changes.

On a world in the midst of massive sea changes, it might seem a bit odd to stick to our givens?

Yes, there are 'known' paths, facts, ways of perceiving truth. Many have been helpful.

Again with Einstein: "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Additives from Nalini: A LOT of knowledge is a disaster in the making. Bit weighty, that.

So what is a solution?  From Wikipedia: "In chemistry, a solution is a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances." Hmmm. And we tend to think of a solution as a remedy of sorts... the 'thing' or circumstance that will replace a perceived problem with something more comfortable and convenient (or better).

What if a harmonious unification of essences ALWAYS (ooh, big committed word) creates new circumstances that could be perceived as a 'solution'?

Soaring like a falcon in the updrafts or diving in like a dolphin doesn't seem quite so Pollyanna now, does it?

Listen to the light. It is divine intelligence. Its voice is one we recognize when we are ready to receive. The 'solution' is in the mix.

We are one drop in the mixture ~ perhaps the drop that changes its properties once and for all. We will never know if we don't listen, commit, and let go.

~ wishing you dazzlingly infinite solutions,