Stillness ~

Stillness ~

The quality from which all movement flows. Creatives know this, yoga practitioners know this, anyone in the movement arts knows this. Many know this. 

Once upon a time, there was an eclipse window, and this window held within it a specific shift in perception. A massive reset of cosmic proportions, this shift began with turbulence, yet held within it a still centre, a core of grace. What if the eye of this particular hurricane led somewhere... else? It does. It has, and it will.

The current opening is one of stillness. Think of it as the vast space that a great waterfall empties into and through, into an unending light. Not a catch all but a portal opening. This portal is made of the sounds of silent light. It is the essence of stillness. The eye of a hurricane designed to sift and restructure and refine all that passes through its grace.

Many such openings have occurred within our lifetimes. In the most recent cycle, these showed up as whirlpool-like events, draining off karmic flows with force and turbulence. They moved us into altered states, new versions of known realities, and deeper manifestations of our dreams.

This is different.

We are the opening and the stillness that gives it form. A blue so blue it is white, and a white so white it is blue. An up-leveling so intense that lavender pales to clarity in its quiet intensity. These are higher octaves of frequency, of vibration, of love and of light. There is no whirlpool pulling at us, though it may have seemed so within the window. There is no frenzy of wind surrounding this pool of grace.


At the stillpoint, all is peace.

Any leftover debris that shows itself during the course of this opening is following the flow of Source's direction. Consider gravity, attracting the flotsam and jetsom of our old lives to the edge of this still formlessness, urging that these bits and bots, and bytes simply flow over the edge and enter the pool once more.

Rest in the pool. Let the stillness permeate your every fiber. From this refined, purified source of grace, all newness emanates. Let it move through your fingers, drift through your hair, caress your toes as it seamlessly, soundlessly stills and sounds the deepest chords within.

Here you radiate, resonate, and are free. It is the deep breath before the rising seas. Rest in the stillness and let it be.

And then we'll talk some more perhaps...if any subjects left, there be.

~Infinite Stillness,