Let's Just Talk ~

Let’s Just Talk ~

Quite the transition, yes?

There are a few more days left until the ‘bookend’ total solar eclipse, and the in-between is intensifying. Inner churning is becoming such that it can be difficult to steer, let alone navigate.

This is a purging. It helps to know that, and it doesn’t. Everything being churned up is asking to move through and onward. This is true of each and every energy coming through us right now, especially those that feel uncomfortable.

Here’s the tech of it. When we choose to incarnate, we choose baseline parameters that provide experience and also factors (think chaos theory and secondary differentiators) that will both flavor and direct our timelines, tracks, and trajectories. Simply put? We allow certain things to be imprinted/explanted/hot-wired into our config files to course correct for us when we are unable to use our wills to do so or are just plain refusing the task at hand.

Okay, that wasn’t so simple. Let me try again. This is important. We allow a literal seeding in the ovum or seminal conception (egg and sperm) that sets in motion a directional flow of energy. We usually do this to make sure we don’t go off-course. It’s like an auto-pilot rudder. It will kick in when we stop kicking ourselves… wasn’t the martyrdom cycle fun?

What is boiling up right now is this seeding. It is hard to recognize for what it is because it was designed out of encrypted, cloaked, hidden, invisible and slightly demented materials. This is the ‘seed’ that we dropped in other lives after ‘attaining’ enlightenment. {Did that ever really happen? But that is another story…}

The physical body was dropped and the ego with it… allegedly. Certain patterns were carried forward. Thus, our causal bodies carry not only our highest moments but our most intense and ‘attached-to’ moments. The causal body is NOT the sharpest tool in the box. It is one body, like all the others.  It carries a specific type of coding as do all of our bodies.

These bodies we infuse with essence coalesce into what Carlos Castaneda called an 'assemblage point'. Our physical bodies anchor this point-cluster into an inception point at the moment of physical conception. 

What new seedform awaits your unfolding?

We are being altered just now. It is not 'against our wills' but aligned with our past and future choices.

Our old assemblage points and the point-cluster I like to call our unique config file, are being simultaneously annihilated and re-assembled. Phoenix metaphor anyone? Except that this is happening all at once. No linear burn and re-birth cycle.

Let the sparks fly! They are designed, like nano-bots, to ignite the new light and new life. You remember. When you want to understand something, become it. When you choose to shift into a new experience, the old has to make way...ALL of the 'old' in whatever form, including what you think you might have gained.

As these deep cohesions move into oblivion it can feel all kinds of ways. Honor your feeling as they pass through, knowing that this is what is happening. Don't hold onto any of them. 

At the end of this transit (sometime between the Equinox and Solstice in September and December), we will all be different. Celebrations in many dimensions!!!

No need to hang in there. Relax and let the combustion engines breathe their last. (hopefully also in many dimensions)

We were literally born for this. And besides, SHE's got this. If you ever wanted to cultivate the trust muscle, now is the moment.

More love than can be expressed,