Let's Talk Starstreaming ~

Let's Talk Starstreaming ~

What does it mean to 'be' a Starstream? Scientifically speaking, we are taught that all of our atoms once came from the stars. That is factual. There are many reputable teachers and avatars whose work is to reawaken what has been called the Starseed coding in those who are ready. A worthy calling, certainly.

Starstreaming, as a way of being, is flowing as the light that we are, within the currents of the Infinite Sea of Love. Not as impractical and sappy as it might sound. In truth, this is how those who are dropping the mask practically function on a day-to-day basis.

I was asked, this morning, how a Starstream (word used as a noun-identifier in this case) acquires information. How one finds out about things. There is a one-word answer. Viscerally. 

Try this. Drop into the currents of light that you are, and feel how you are always flowing, always carried, never fixed (the particle state) unless you choose to be so.  Now, as this flow, how do 'you' know anything? This is the tech behind Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (for the nerds among us).

Light is the information quotient of LOVE, and therefore is intelligence. Immerse yourself in the flow of intelligence and information is not only readily available but moves through you as you move with it. This information (the light) will then seep into your various bodies, physical included, until it finds filters or images that the mind can process. The information will already be flowing as part of you before your mind 'grasps' the truth or the facts of the matter.

'Givens' for Starstreams:
1) Thinking harder about something will never bring you the truth or any kind of solution except the uncomfortable kind.
2) Worrying is a total waste of every resource you've ever heard of.
3) 'Knowing' anything happens by immersion. 

We live in a constant state of flow. When we realize this, rather than comprehend it, we are the creative principle, that of the Infinite love field. We create reality constructs, bubbles of experience, to immerse our bodies within, in order to acquire wisdom rather than knowledge.  It is what we are. It is how we function.

The educational system (an oxymoron if there ever was one) on this planet is designed to socialize, to tame, and to set artificial boundaries upon, light's capabilities. Light is infinite imagination, infinite dreaming. Love brings light to 'life'. 

This way of using terminology gets a bit inter-woven and enmeshed, but the point is that from within the Great Unity, the Infinite, come infinite currents of light, within which we play like marine mammals in the sea. We create our bubbles, our reality constructs, and immerse ourselves within them, knowing all the while that we are making up stories, and the bubbles are for FUN (ask any dolphin) and for a specific type of visceral comprehension.

So why use the term Starstream? Because you are that if this article captured your attention. Something in this transmission resonated with your deeper currents. SHE sent out a message, a call. "Come home." There is a way of being beckoning.

Someone recently said to me, "But that's not the way the world works!" (sobbing ensued) The response from the Great Mother is simple. "Since when has how this world does things worked for you?

You need NOT follow in the footsteps of doom, destruction and disaster. Terrible game. Cannot recommend.

You are the artist of your experience

Consider the sand painting and how it flows. Grain by grain, delicately placed stream of color by delicately placed stream of color, it grows. The creation is a bubble, a world of light.

Thangkas are the same. They represent an entire reality. Why create something like this? To play within it, in order to have the visceral feeling, seeing, and knowing of its properties. This is wisdom. This is a wholistic experience of reality, which can be enjoyed for however long, then transcended or cast away.















This is how worlds are born and flourish

So, oh streaming amazing ones, how about it?

How are your sand paintings coming along? Created any new thangkas lately? If you think not, don't think again, pop into the currents and feel. You create versions of these partial and temporary and not-too-well-designed realities every moment. Would it...perhaps...just an idea you understand... be more fun to create something wholstically cohesive? Would it be fun to create an experience of reality that you might thoroughly and completely enjoy?

Cohesive, wholistic experience does not take 'a whole lot of work'. It takes truth, trust, and patience with the ego-mind continuum you have created, as you un-create it in flow.

If Starstreaming is what you are, you already know it. You already know 'how'. Kick into the current and let go! Or, hey, dive into a bubble reality (also known as bardos or eddies) and enjoy the show! Do it all consciously though. "Oh, the places you'll go!" {I really have to lose the Dr. Seuss broadcast channel... it's so much fun though!}

What you have to lose is only that which you are not. Come and play!

~from within the Infinite Streaming,