Let's Talk Tuning ~

Let's Talk Tuning ~

One of my favorite parts of a symphonic concert is listening to the orchestra 'tune up'. 

One might think that if the orchestra members had tuned their instruments prior to the concert that this would save everyone time. This would be a false and inaccurate assumption. {Oh, and believe me, they did, while warming up.}

An instrument requires tuning, or setting up, each and every time it is played, no matter how subtle the adjustments.

When an orchestra tunes up it tunes to 'concert pitch', a tone that literally sets the tonality for what the musicians and audience will experience. This tuning creates a vibrational foundation within which everyone in the hall, from the musicians to the audience members to the stage crew, will have an experience. In other words, it creates a reality bubble.

When we 'tune up' through meditation, movement, or working directly with the energies in our fields, we set the tonality through which we experience life. We create a reality construct and refine it so that our experience matches how we most truly resonate.

Our consciousness is our instrument for navigating life. Our bodies are not simply containers for this life force, they are part of it and emanate the vibrations that create our fields of play in the physical world.

No, 'physical' is not really what we perceive as physical, it is mostly space, but let's save that for another discussion.

Every spiritual practice is based on the truth of vibration. Every practice tunes the instrument in a different way. Sound is the great common denominator.  Music is how we enjoy 'organized' sound.

How will you tune up?


Music is 'mood altering'. Given. Music is magic. Also, a 'given', though the word 'magic' tends to trigger. What is called magic is simply attuned consciousness. Tuned and refined energies do not represent manipulation, they represent Infinite resonance.

Why is tuning important? Use an orchestra as an example. Without initial tuning, a concert would be a raucous cacophony. Melodies would be lost, harmonies non-existent. This is 'your life' without constant tuning.

Each of us finds what is sometimes called 'the zone' in our own way. Meditation is one of the keys that helps us to play in tune. Refinement of vibration IS the multi-versal key.

The music of the spheres is a constant and ever-shifting dance of refinement. So are we.

Sound has been used to shift consciousness since the dawn of physicality on this world. There are infinite experiments that have been and can be made. It is less interesting to me to see what science can replicate and 'prove' than to have the experience of Infinite embodiment and to play in the bandwidths of awareness that fractals of the Great Stillness provides.

Most people vibrate within narrow bandwidths of awareness, simply because they are unaware of what is possible.  If you grew up in this world, with the awareness that creation is Infinite, and that you are part of that, with all of it available to you, how would you live?

When the vibes get tough, sensitive as I am, I turn to music. But then, I have always done, in this or any other world. Lately, I revisited the film Music of the Heart, starring Meryl Streep, among others. It is one story of how music changes what might be possible. Last night I watched, for the second time, The Last Word, starring Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried. This story tells a different tale but bears the same message.

What do you believe is possible? What is the story you are here to live?

Tuning both creates and shares our stories, our experiences of the Infinite as a body, in form.

To what are you attuned today? What we are tuned to or into, manifests. It is the way of this world. Why not tune up?

The program, Living As Multi-Dimensional Oneness, was developed as a practical course in the tuning of an individual field, potentially 'yours'. We are in a cycle of learning through experience. Drumming works. Humming works. (grinning here) It's true! Your very cells play music in every moment. Are you listening?

How are you attuned? And how would you like to be?

This is not an advert for the program, but an incitement to a possibility. How is it possible for you, your bodies, to vibrate? There are worlds to be born under your footfalls.

If you are even curious, you might be ready to take the step(s). Choose and they will be shown to you. Every time. On this world, the Infinite always says 'yes'.