Let's Talk Time ~

Let's Talk Time ~

Let's begin at the beginning. What matters manifests.

What is time? What is a timeline? One way of perceiving a timeline is that it is a singularity or current within the Infinite seas. A timeline represents a seemingly linear flow through a series of experiences and events. 'Time' is the measure of our progress within a flow, track or trajectory.

We shift tracks and trajectories all the time. Think of it as changing lanes on a highway or paddling into a swifter or more slowly moving current. We make these shifts without thinking, often seemingly without choosing.

The truth about seeming not to choose is that some part of us always chooses. Which part(s)? Can we be conscious of every choice? Our deepest choices drive even our smallest ones.

"Time changes not, but all things change in time."
~The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

Let the transmission from the Emerald Tablets inform you for a moment. "Time changes not."

So the concept of time is truthfully timeless. It could then be applied in a timeless manner if we so chose. My current example of this is from the film Dr. Strange, when (spoiler alert) Strange takes 'time' to the dark side's front doorstep

and uses it to create a 'solution'. The character uses what he has learned about the tech of time and applies it in a dimension where time does not exist.  He brings 'time' from this world into another one.

"...but all things change in time."

All things change within timelines. It is inevitable. In a closed loop, the same changes happen over and over in different ways, endlessly. Therefore, the structure of 'time' presents us with a tremendous opportunity for growth and change in every possible scenario and dimension.

Might we then have chosen incarnation in a world where 'time' exists to accelerate our progress? What could be a faster and more effective impetus for change? No wonder this world is full of 'impatience'!  Perhaps it comes as a standard feature on the ticket! It certainly did for me!

Why then does shifting tracks and trajectories (changing direction) appear to be seamless, and shifting timelines so difficult? Take the sea for example. When caught in a strong riptide, or undertow, the only thing we are concerned about is getting our heads above water and continuing to breathe. Survival comes first in a strong current, at least on this world.

Then we can pop our heads up and look around, perhaps to see that there is a sand bar where we could touch down, get our bearings and dive into a more restful current. Or choose to be carried into a flow that will take us somewhere else much more quickly and easily. In immersion, the challenge can be half the fun.

How much does shifting to a new current matter? MUCH is what will make another possibility manifest.

Instead of struggling against the raging riptides, relax and let your light be your buoyancy. Let yourself be light-lifted above the grinding drag. Let the sand be gently brushed from your eyes. Feel the timeless freedom you know is there, 'somewhere', for you even if you have allowed yourself to forget. Feel what your heart would have you know.

When a dolphin or whale breaches, leaping above the waves, it knows a moment of ecstasy. The constant supporting pressure of its environment lifts for a moment. The unfiltered sun kisses its skin. Its lungs expand and its brain takes in extra oxygen. What is this experience? Timeless JOY. All in one ever-present moment, that changes its direction forever.

It takes this light-lifting into its environment, relishing the filtered sunlight, the currents that support it. And that was only one moment of divine play! Timeless moments create timeline shifting.

Time presents us with experiences within which to play.

New experiences are only another current away.

From the 7th August through the 21st of this year, 2017, Gaia is within an annual eclipse window. An eclipse window is a timeless 'in between' of infinite possibilities. The strength of the currents is wider, broader, deeper, and has much less hold on us than we might realize. This is a window of great opportunity.

Playing in the sea, waiting for the 'right' wave... which one will we choose at any moment? We are immersed in this one! Where will we ask it to take us? What will we choose to be?

Let go. Choose new flow. Have a wonderful ride!

~from within the wonder,