Let's Talk Immersion ~

Let's Talk Immersion ~

How many of us set up the story in our heads before we take a step? Statistics show that the answer is closer to something like 150% more than anyone would ever admit. We script before we think or act, and that way of creating is ending.

For the rest of this incarnation, we will be surfing the unknown in unscripted ways. This is learning by immersion.

We were taught to learn through the school of 'theory and practice'. Our minds expect to learn the theory of anything first, then practice it. We were literally schooled in this. The 'way' to learn a piece of music is to have the sheet music put in front of us where we can notice the key, the tempo(s) the structures of the piece first. We play slowly as we begin, practicing each note, each melody and harmony, sometimes training each hand before we train them to move together. In music this is 'classical' or traditional training. It is how one is taught to learn.

Learning a language in school begins with the alphabet, then pronunciation, then (everyone's favorite) grammar. Structure again. It is only recently that immersion has been found to be a better way to learn. 

Immersion is learning by experiencing. We learn the sound and feel of new words rolling off our tongue, and by so doing we learn new structures. We learn the sound and feeling of an instrument with eyes closed. The harmonies come intuitively, by feeling and listening. We come to know the nuances of sound from which its structures emerge.

Consider a tea herb, how it soaks. It is immersed in (preferably boiling) water and that experience alters its tonality, flavor and essence. Its essence becomes one with the water. In our observation, there no longer exist the two entities of herb and water, though the softened and expanded herbs are present, and so is the wetness. What exists is now 'tea'. An infusion born from the blending of two elements.




Sploosh! After the first shock, immersion begins.

We are immersed in new light. Our authentic essence expands, softens, strengthens and becomes something new as part of the Infinite seas of Love.

We will not be given new sheet music or a new alphabet or be expected to first learn the new structures that will emerge from within our experience. All of this will come from immersion.

How do we learn to swim? First we are supported by our Great Mother, the Source of us all. We rest in Her currents as She flows in every direction, giving us the experience that our resonance and vibration create within Her waves.

Our minds want to learn this in the safety of the shallows, with sea bottom or the edge of the pool to touch down on or grab onto. These 'training wheels' have been removed so that we learn to cycle with Her currents in Her waves.

Sometimes immersion feels like drowning. We will not. Sometimes it feels gloriously exciting and uplifting. It is that.

When we play in these waters as though "no one were listening" and swim or dance in them as though "no one were watching" what we lose is our fear of making a mistake and looking like an idiot. We are all beginners in this way of navigating. Some of us have had a headstart perhaps. Some of us remember other ways from other worlds.

The Art of Immersion is learned by experience. It is learned by being, not doing. And through that being, new actions and new doings form.


We are the new Event Horizon ~ with no need to stand still to ground.

It helps to stop expecting to 'touch down'. Grounding happens in a new way in immersion. It helps not to grasp for something to hold onto. If that 'it' is not flowing with us already, it will be swept away.

I have always loved learning new forms in the movement arts. Vinyasa, moving through water, martial forms. dance movements. All are beautiful to me and my body loves to flow through space. A favorite way of learning is by immersion. I learned it from one of my Japanese senseis.

From ready position make the first move. Step back to 'ready'. Make the first move. Step back to ready. Breathe. Make the first move. Flow into the second (watching and following, with no mental explanations). Let your body entrain and learn. Return to the ready position. Make the first move, then the second, then the next. Return to ready. Breathe. Follow this sequence with each move, beginning with the first, then second, then the next and the next, until at last, the final move is a return to the beginning.

At the completion of this flow, I found my body knew the form. Some might say it was the repetition that my mind held onto. Others might say that being shown the moves over and over drilled them into my head and installed muscle memory. My body and I knew differently. By flowing with each movement in sequence through completion, the form was internalized. The sequence learned. The 'how' completed. NOW I could begin to learn the nuances required for mastery. Their whispers were already in place. And not a word had been spoken.

Remember to breathe. Remember to flow with the currents that have swept you into immersion. Remember to en-JOY!