Let's Talk Support ~

Let's Talk Support

What is true support and how has it changed for new energies? How are we feeling unsupported because some of the energies that used to be counted on for support no longer exist? What does this mean for us going forward?

Almost everyone I talked to this past week, and it was a FULL week of 1-1 consultations, had an aching back. I never ask anyone if their back hurts (unless I can feel it) because beings in transition are very suggestible. Meaning that if I ask 'does your back ache?' the answer is usually 'oh... yes...' even when it hadn't been. I mention this because suggestion can be a form of projection and projections are one of the forms of 'support' that have fallen away of late.

Were you aware that, when someone has been projecting something onto you for a long time, you actually learn to lean into it? It becomes a form of support or even identity for you.

How aware are you of all of the ways you define support as caretaking, rescuing, saving, providing relief, holding something up, holding space for... yes, even that?  It is time to be aware of these old cycle definitions and to let them go.

How do you have support mixed up with providing or being provided for? These concepts are probably well enmeshed and entangled. Providing is an act of giving... or at least it was so intended.

Feeling supported is about allowing yourself to be provided for and receiving the support that you require. It is not about settling for what is available or what you have become used to or what you were taught you deserved or ought to have. It is not about not having in any way, shape, or form.

Support is allowing oneself to be that which one truly is and resting in what that requires.

What does that mean in the day-to-day? It means letting the light lead in every moment and every situation.  How does one do that? There is a unique answer to that, residing in each of us.

One way to find that answer is to pause, take a deep relaxing breath and ask the light to respond to the situation of the moment.  It took longer to write that sentence than it takes for this to happen. You will feel the truth-in-action or truth-in-movement in the moment. Let it lead.

Athletes and artists are fond of calling this the Zone. The place where flow takes over and the mind stops trying to lead you across the floor in yet another of its bizarre dance numbers.

What would immersion in total support feel like?

We are learning by immersion. Immersion in new currents of the Infinite Sea. This is being truly supported. Lift your feet and let the current carry you. Let it do the heavy lifting. Let it show you what actions are yours to make or take or carry forward.

We have all been taught some pretty bizarre things about support and what it means. It is possible, within consciousness, to let all of that go, knowing that the truth will then move through us in a more optimal and efficient way (not having to cope with or end-around any of that other stuff).

What does support mean to your various bodies? Are those definitions supportive? Yes, it is a 'trick' question.

It is time to BE the light. If that is your choice. Anything else that still matters to you is well and truly up in your face by now. Observe rather than ignore. Clock the patterns and use Source's sorting hat to optimize your field. As you practice this, you become the love that wants to find you. (it will never work the other way around)

Try this and see how it feels.

"Thank you, Infinite Great Mother (or substitute your preferred Divine nomenclature) that I am immersed in your love and support in each and every moment. Thank you that I am shown what steps and actions to take in exactly the right timing. Thank you for handling it all through me, and around me and for every blessing that comes to me. Help me to receive and embody the blessings and navigate around the rest."

Like anything, receiving takes practice.

Support is a function of giving and receiving. There is no duality within unity.

~unending loving support,