Let's Talk Realities ~

Let's Talk Realities ~

At this point on your journey, you may have figured out or have been told that we each of us live in our own versions of reality. This is so.

Let's talk what is REAL.  The light that is the Infinite is REAL.  Everything else is a designed experience within the Infinite holodeck. A reality construct designed to feel and be experienced as real for fun, entertainment, and learning.

The funny thing is, we tend to act as if the holodeck in Star Trek is programmable and therefore changeable, and our sleeping dreamscapes are kind of like that so we can learn to change them, but our waking life?  Not so much.  Perhaps it is time to tackle this another way.

How does one construct a reality? We do that by incarnating, but let's let that one go by for just a minute or two. How do you make something real? Let your responses show you what is going on under your particular bonnet. Listen to your physical body. How does it answer? Listen to your emotional body? How does it answer? Refrain from judging and listen to your bodies. 

How does your mind make something real? You KNOW this one!  It dwells and ruminates and obsesses and fusses and shakes and wrestles with whatever IT wants you to make real until you cannot hold another thought in your head... and then it wins. Whatever the mind hangs onto like the proverbial terrier with a rodent is what you will create... because the program in your mind had more tenacity than you did.  That is not true!!!!! 

Here's the remix. How does your mind make something real? It works in collaboration with your Spirit (Infinite awareness and consciousness) to allow enough light in to manifest the unlimited imaginings of your heart's greatest yearnings. THIS IS WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO.  The design became a bit flawed with use.  That can be corrected. The overlays do not have the power you allege them to possess. Only your thinking makes it so.

What if I make the 'wrong thing' real? In a holodeck, is there a 'wrong thing'?  There have been ever-so-many harmful things made real, yes.  You will not create in this way because if you are reading this, you have commitments to light that will prevent that occurrence. Will you trust the light to lead you? YOUR light? The light that you absolutely, unconditionally and inherently are?

Here's a tip.  When you find yourself in a situation(s) that isn't working, that is because it was not meant to work in exactly the way that things are unfolding at the moment. It wasn't meant to work this way. There will be another way for something similar or for the 'same' result to happen and it is not 'this way'.  Let me give you my favorite example. Plane tickets. Not something I enjoy pursuing.  So I turn over the arrangements to the Infinite, agreeing to do the diligence in whatever way I am guided to do. 

If a particular set of circumstances or arrangements keeps being difficult, even for five minutes, then I know that those arrangements are not meant to happen 'that way'.  'That way' can mean I am using the wrong travel site, or it is the wrong moment, or the wrong day, or even that the dates/times or perhaps the cities I am attempting to fly through (as though that were ever fun) are incorrect and inappropriate for my venture.  It does NOT mean that I should not take the trip.  Well, sometimes, but that I would know before I even began to try to find transportation.  So would you.

So what realities are you wanting to create and what is REAL about them? Is there a difference between REAL and reality? Oh yes!

Realities are what we create in order to express what is REAL.

What do you want to make REAL? How do you delight to express Divinity? Even when you think you're expressing frustration or anger or anything else, you are still expressing Divinity.  It is the only expression available on this world or any other.  HOW we express is the exercise and the learning and the fun, if we allow it to be.

Realities are what we create to express what is REAL ~ Nalini

So what is REAL? The Infinite Light. What is a reality? What you make of the light as that light and as it flows through you. How are you liking your creations? Do they light you up?  Or are you using your light only to light up the yearnings of others? NOT a great way to create your masterpiece. 

In the vernacular now: Are you living someone else's life? Someone else's version of how you should live your life? Or are you making the REAL your reality? Only you can say.

May your expressions be of JOY and LIGHT and may you live to enjoy them!