Let's Talk Inadequacy ~

Let's Talk Inadequacy ~

And the 'Pigpen' energies that surround it.  Pigpen energies are not congruent, no matter how brightly you try to make them shine.

One of the strongest currents being purged from the collective is inadequacy.  Like anger, this feeling is the child of fear. One feels insecure and not up to handling the circumstances or events of the moment. How this plays out in the human collective is in power games.

One feels inadequate, then projects defensiveness, which makes the object of the projection feel attacked so creates more defensiveness.  In amplified energies, this accelerates into power struggles before anyone has time to breathe, feel into the truth of the situation and let go of the stories that are being made up by the inadequacy programs held by both parties (or all of them) to explain how horrible everyone is feeling. Feelings created by inadequacy never tell true stories.

Inadequacy creates defensiveness and defensiveness acts out. It creates that Pigpen-like chaotic energy cloud around the one acting out or acted upon, usually both, plus the situation at large.

For example, when someone is coming to visit or stay where I live, they project their energies here.  Humans, as a whole, are completely sloppy about energy and do this constantly. Those projected energies encounter the field that is held here and, instead of harmonizing with and/or responding to this Infinite Energy, the projections react defensively.

Much has been written about response versus reactivity. A response comes from alignment. Reactivity comes from egoic defensiveness.  The ego wants what it wants and will do anything to have its way, so rails against or tries to fog or distort or distract what it perceives as the cause of its discomfort... meaning that it might not get to run the show in the Presence of Infinite energy. {Quelle Bummaire}

News flash.  The Infinite is everywhere and everywhen and there is nowhere that the ego is safe from dissolution if there is any intent for that to occur on the part of the 'user' (the being wearing the ego). The software has to be swapped out when the hardware upgrades.

One way to avoid the amplified Pigpen syndrome that happens when two or more egos move into defensive chaos is to remember that Source is the Source of everything and everyone and within that ALL there is commonality to be found. Commonality is one of the precursors of harmony. Notes that play well together.

Many droplets make rivers, ponds, waterfalls, the seas. The droplets do not fight being part of the ALL. Why do we?

Inadequacy makes us feel that we are somehow less than, imperfect, undeserving, unworthy or some other disempowered form of existence. When we can realize that it is the feeling state that is the culprit here (and the programs that create it) and that it is not factual, nor true nor does it have any bearing on the truth of the current matter, we can relax into the freedom that awaits us within the Infinite.

So what lights your burn trigger lately? There is a LOT on the planet just now. How might it push your inadequacy trigger, making you defensive? This feeling state can also feel like hopelessness, pointlessness, meaninglessness, and everything that spirals down from there.

Acknowledge the feeling state, then release it into oblivion.  "May it find a home there and be well," you might wish. You don't need anything that creates more reactivity in your life.

If you feel overwhelmed or 'less than', it means that some part of you wants to feel in control. No such place exists. What you perceive to be a threat is likely an unfamiliar ripple in the Infinite sea.

The light and the water have no 'issues' but flow together in Infinite dancing grace.

What we can each be responsible for is how we respond. Respond rather than react, for all of life is precious and none can be replaced. Every particle is a unique and precious droplet of Divinity. {Some more than others depending on your point of view... and there are Infinite viewing points}

When the sweeping troughs of inadequacy wash through your neighborhood, let yourself be light-lifted. Dance within the Infinite with the understanding that what does not resonate with you does not belong in your field. You navigate from within your resonant frequencies and those of no other. And for your expression of the Infinite, there is no competition whatsoever.

Lay it down. Be elsewhere. It is a fine field on which to play.