Let's Talk Power ~

Let's Talk Power ~

So, Solstice week! Amazing amplified downloads!  SO much light and magic! Our bodies are swimming, dancing and morphing as fast as they are able, to move with these currents. We are being EMPOWERED and how we dance with that is indicative of our experience and our journey.

That banner image got you, didn't it? Is power the ability to manipulate big things in the world? Or is it something deeper and REAL?

I just cruised an article stating that love doesn't empower, it makes us vulnerable. That statement sort of dropped me in my tracks.  Love does make us vulnerable but it empowers through that flow, so... confused. The author went on to state that the vulnerability is a loss of control and control is power.  Oh, yes, I keep reading that from various authors. Humans seem to feel that being in control is being empowered.  Where to begin?

There are innumerable articles and programs 'out there' at the moment on how to accomplish, how to be in the driver's seat of one's life.  Silly humans! There is not now nor has there ever been an ego-mind in control of anything.  ANY... THING. THAT is the grand delusion.

B(elief) S(ystem) ~ note the first letters in bolded caps. ;)

"If I am not in control I will not have what I want. This applies to life, love, relationships and everything."   This is the voice of the ego.

We do state our preferences and rightly so. We are embodied to enjoy the experience.  The issue is never the 'what' but the 'how'.  How do we identify?  Humans are taught to identify in certain ways... and to spend a lifetime re-identifying until the box gets smaller and smaller and tighter... until the mission is complete. And THEN... in environmentally dubious cultures, they bury the body in one. {Because let's keep polluting even after we leave the body.}

~ OR ~

We can experience the empowerment of letting go into true power (yes, it is love and not the thing your mind and emotions tell you about that). One of the best metaphors for this is 'The Force' from the Star Wars films. Yoda explains that a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. S/He directs it yet it also directs the Jedi. The practitioner becomes one with the 'larger world' of the Infinite. S/He becomes the Well.

I would use the particle/wave metaphor. The particle or droplet is part of the wave of the Infinite and is identifiable only when 'observed' as in when we put on a costume, a mask, and go out to play on any given day, or at any given moment. One way to experience this is to let go of any identity except that of being absorbed into the wave, as the waves, the seas, and to choose to 'show up' as particles in particular as it is fun and/or practical to do so. 

Jim Morrison said, "... this is a world to power..." and yes, in this world we learn about the applications of energy that are called 'power' by, let's be honest, a not-terribly-evolved species.  Those who gravitate here by their default tracks of 'experience' have chosen a 'war world'. Not so interesting to those of us from other bandwidths.

Some of us chose this world to try to 'enlighten' or 'save' or 'rescue' others... yawn. Somehow we forgot that being 'here' was their choice? Have you noticed that people do not thank you for messing with their choices? By and large, you know. And were we supposing that the Infinite, the Light, did not know exactly was was going on here and had things well in hand? But I digress.

Fact about power.  YOU...ARE...POWER.  A student wrote, recently, that she realized this after the Solstice transmission.  She had been seduced into the delusion that she needed to have 'position' in life and at work.  I remember that one. Somehow, luckily for me, the Infinite showed me that 'in time' just before I bought into defending (interesting word) my Masters' thesis and before I purchased the certification for my fourth-degree black belt. What did I need another certificate for? More letters after my name? What FOR when everything is Infinite and I AM THAT?

And you may have other, very good and appropriate, reasons for wanting some of those identifying markers. Again, it is not the markers, it is how you hold or are held by them. Those markers, for me, were indicators of 'position' and I needed them not.  I suppose that is why, in my many years as an IT consultant, I was not an employee.  Only in my first and last jobs. Bookends for an experience in this world that was valuable, yes, but not REAL.

POWER...IS...REAL.  Its essence is LOVE. The Infinite Sea, the Well, in whatever voice it speaks to you, and I assure you that it does so, that is what is REAL. If it is more comfortable for you to internally and secretly, at first, state to yourself that "I AM LOVE" then use that. The truth is that when we do that, we open the door to true power. We ARE power. We ARE love. We ARE that flow.

We only have a position in a family or a job, or the world, when we observe ourselves to be or have that... or allow others to observe it for us (and when did that get labeled as fun?).

When did what others think of us begin to define the Essence that we are? WHY is that a determining factor for our experience at all?

Mountains, molehills or portals? The choice is yours.

When we step into the flow of true power, lift our feet and let it sweep us off wherever it will (and of course by that time our will is its will) we begin to BE and our lives obey that principle. What principle? DIVINE WILL.  ALIGNMENT.

ALIGNMENT WITH THE INFINITE IS POWER. There are infinite ways to express that and the many creatives and avatars of this world have barely scratched the surface of that expression. BEING IT is so much more fun.

What will you do with that power? 

Whatever it accomplishes through you... and it will be wonder beyond belief.

Celebrating the POWER of this opening!