Let's Talk Writing ~

Let's Talk Writing ~

Words are magic. Writing is a way of ladling light.

For most of this life, I have loved the magic contained in the written word. The magic of a story well told. In the traditions of egoic dissolution, all 'stories' are de-emphasized and the telling of one's own story is looked upon as a completely egoic endeavor and discouraged strongly and in no uncertain terms.

Our personal stories do come from ego. The day-to-day re-tellings of experience on this or any world.

Then, there are the other stories. The epics that stretch our heartstrings and uplift our aspirations through inspiration. The homely tales of love ladled with tender care. Companion tales that sound our heartstrings every so gently and bring that quiet tear of joy. 

Divine expression takes as many forms as we might choose to give it. For some, myself included, music is a joyful vehicle for this expression. As a child, I wanted only to sing (or play) to the Divine out of simple joy in the experience of light as life.

For many, again myself included, the written word becomes a way of expressing as the Infinite that connects us all. I first began journaling... I actually can't recall at what age, I was that young.  In those early days, my journals took the form of collages and noted sayings and cut-out comic strips and secret knowings written in the margins.

As the years passed, I collected quotes from my favorite authors, re-written into a little pocket-sized notebook I carried with me everywhere. A cousin once mentioned that she loved to collect quotes because "sometimes someone else says something so perfectly it is as though God told me what I was thinking through their words..."  I never forgot that. (Thanks, Holly)

When I began my formal training (and I am laughing hysterically to call it that) in Mysticism and egoic dissolution, my journals were of the kind my Teacher recommended, full of notes on things he had said, and notes on what I needed to release, dismantle, let go, 'work on' and what-have-you.  I remember the seminar during which he told us all to burn our journals. I felt the inner screaming, but, on my way down the escalator to my car, I deliberately tossed my current journal into a convenient bin. I heard the gasp of the fellow student behind me but kept walking.

Twice, during the decades of study and training, I built an outdoor bonfire and fed it with years of journals. Somehow I understood.  There were treasures in those flames, to be sure, but the assemblage point of ego-mind-body that had written them was no more and, I would learn, that being's point of view was no longer relevant to the consciousness that was emerging.

The last of the 'burnings' was during the end of my old life. I Built a fire in the fireplace of my little Berkeley home on a hot summer day, checking first to make sure it was not a 'no-burn' day, and lit the last decade of personal journals on fire.

Words can be wands that inspire...

As a new author, one might wonder why the burnings were important and if, perhaps, that was not a bit hasty or over-zealous or actually a huge mistake. I am not wondering these things.

In the role of light expressing as a newly published 'author' I can truthfully relate that new octaves and bandwidths of consciousness have provided new levels of transmission and insight to what is written ~ as my hands connect to the keyboard ~ my heart to my hands ~ the heart of the Infinite to 'my' heart ~ and the ladling of light into words that may inspire others to live the light they carry.

How do you ladle light? Light is the information attribute of the Infinite field of love. How do you express this Infinite love as light? One way it moves through me is through writing.

Some prefer video blogs, as a way of hearing oneself say exactly what one needs to hear. It is the voice of Spirit, of the Infinite, that speaks through those moments.

What are your moments? How is your melody sounding in harmony with the Infinite Symphony?

The Infinite is expressed in as many forms as there are forms. Have you tried writing lately? Is journaling a chore or an inspiration? Do you favor doodling or drawing or painting or... ??

For this new time-space continuum within which we find ourselves expressing, what draws us forward the fastest is to find that 'zone' and LIVE THEREIN.  Not just visit it, in between all of our other 'doings', but to enter in, relax into it, even if it is a bit uncomfortable at first, and express from that place, every time, all the time, as if there were no time.

Are not the best expressions timeless?  The writings I have loved, I still love. The music I have loved, I love still. The ladling of light is our love made manifest.

How have you expressed the Infinite today? What are you waiting for?