Let's Talk Light ~

Let's Talk Light ~

So how is the view from the rabbit hole?  A bit 'through a glass, starkly, of late?' All puns obvious and intended, of course.

It is scientifically and physiologically proven that when a physical body ceases to function in the state called 'death', there is an immediate '21 gram' weight loss involved.  It is postulated that this could be caused by the departure of the 'soul' or 'spirit'.  The postulation is that somehow this energy leaves the physical body. It is a mystery. Don't you just love those?

The relatively new science of Biophotonology, the study of the light inherent in each of our cells, has, as its focus, how the light within each of our cells responds to what we perceive as external light. This includes sunlight, starlight and various kinds of broad-spectrum artificial light. So, from a certain point of view, this science could be called the science of light responding to light. Now we're talking!

So let's talk light. Light is information. Light is the information quotient of the Infinite field that is the creative essence, or, Love.  Light has been said to take the form of a 'body' (light body), an assemblage point, a singularity, or a config file, to name but a few.

All and none of these descriptions are accurate. None of us, infused into bodies, have an Infinite bandwidth of perception. We see in part. from the particular perspective. Then again, there is another perspective through which we can view reality. We can borrow the eyes of the Infinite, again as a way of talking about something that defies definition. We can see through the eyes of the ultimate observer. We can perceive as the Infinite perceives, even if only for moments, in the briefest of glimpses.


What lens will you choose?

So let's talk light-tech. Every embodied being, from every kingdom (mineral, animal, vegetable...) comes into a physical body with a template or config file of light hard-wired into its motherboard.

Like your computer, a physical body has circuitry that is designed to accept input from, process, store and radiate light. What are all of those ones and zeroes in machine language? What are all of those numbers in computers that indicate financial wealth or the apparent lack thereof? Light. The basis of all code is light. Code, or imprinting or conditioning or genetics, and we are talking the same kinds of design here, all have light as their basic and fundamental foundation. So what is 'bad' about any of that? Nothing. Perception creates the experience.

Had you thought of your body that way? Of anyone else's? Of the planet, you live on? The eco-systems you live within? Had you considered that every person, place, thing, rabbit, elephant, monkey, lizard, meteor, planet, human, alien... all are Sourced of light? Each holds a unique and often different config file.

So what does one do with that information? Drum roll, please. Anything one wants. That function is the basis of every separation, division, diverse expression, conflict, confrontation, and so on and so on into Infinity.

How is this relevant, you might well ask? When we allow our perspective to broaden, widen, and deepen into the level of Infinite perception, we become part of the ALL.

This becoming requires that we let the Light take over. It/S/HE becomes our perceptual array. For moments only, at first. Then, as we practice allowing the light to be our satnav, our GPS, to navigate us through the world, or worlds, if you navigate parallels with ease, this Infinite wholeness becomes our navigation process, our vehicle and our perspective.

Easy? Yes and no. Surrender was always my 'tough nut'. Even when I thought (listen when you use that word!) that I had surrendered up/down/backward/sideways/inside-out... and every which way in between. There comes a point in the embodiment cycle when, if the choice and commitment are there, we choose to let the light take over.

Light is an information config file of love. When we let it take over, when we let it drive, the real fun begins. I am not talking about looking for the Light, following the Light, seeking Light... I am talking about BEING LIGHT. The easiest path is through the heart... and perhaps it is the only path in this world, especially as weird as it has gotten before the cycles finish their turning (or churning as it may be).

Here is something we can all practice. Ask for, open to allow, the Infinite Heart to replace your own. Whoa! Scary! Only to what parts of ego you still cling to or that still cling to you. And, if you still have a physical/emotional body(ies), you probably still have some ego tucked away here or there. More than likely.

Ask that your heart is replaced with the Infinite heart. Begin there.

And, if you're really brave and maybe a little bit cool, ask that the entirety of what you perceive as 'you' be replaced with Light. Try it! Even for a few moments.  There is no better ride on any world in any universe, known or unknown, or in any galaxy no matter how far, far away.

Your ultimate, foundational config file is and ever was, created from Light. You are the shining one you have been nosing after. Don't let your ego in on it though, or there could be 'hell to pay' and that is one steep tariff.

~ Blessings of the incoming light! (almost Solstice)