Let's Talk Requirement ~

Let's Talk Requirement ~

For most of our lives we have been taught about the difference between 'want' and 'need' and admonished that Source will provide what we 'need' but usually not what we 'want'. Desire has been labeled a bad thing in most spiritual traditions. What do we require as beings of light, and what is the definition or vibrational content of a requirement?  

I googled 'spiritual requirements' prior to this writing, at Source's request.  I cruised the pages of 'this and that' from every possible tradition and non-tradition around what constitutes spiritual authority, what the appropriate traits for spiritual leadership must be, and lots of other things... Google always presents quite the result set!

SHE showed me that 'requirements' are thought of as hurdles to hop or bars to set and meet or things 'required of us'. These are concepts that SHE would like us to release and let HER dissolve.

What is 'required' for us? What does a streaming being of light require for the rest of this incarnation? Watch how your mind immediately begins to supply answers to this. Infinite data drawn from what it would have you believe is an infinite database.

Truth: The only Infinite database belongs to the Infinite.  It is not our responsibility, nor do we have any right nor invitation to carry a subset of this as 'knowledge' especially when it is held up and over, as 'being right'. 

What is a requirement, in HER new language? Old language, ancient language, language of light... yes, yes. My, how the minds do quibble.

There is a way to perceive this clearly and succinctly.

~ Center yourself. Let Source move you into this centred state, rather than being the doer.

~ FEEL. Let the mind do as it pleases, but ignore it for the most part.

~ At first, as you are giving your true perceptions, your feelings (not the same as emotions), free rein, you may feel swamped or overwhelmed. Choose to rest in the light and let peace take over. Underneath everything else, there rests this peace.

~ Let this query fill the space that opens up, along with the peace. 

"Thank you that all I require and all I desire is already accomplished within YOU (meaning the Infinite). What is optimal for me to perceive right now?"

Remember that you are asking, not for the daily drivel, or daily drama, or usual suspects or anything of that nature. Do not allow your mind to provide you with anything 'usual'. Let the Infinite Mind (Source) move in and inform you.

It really is that simple. What does it take? (and what you really want to know is, what are the 'requirements' to receive the requirements - silly rabbit) Determination. Stillness. The discipline that comes from giving everything over to the light, again and again, and again and again... until what remains is the wisdom 'to know the difference' between the voices of ego, yours or anyone else's, and the vibration of the Infinite within.

Why are there 'two' versions of you, and when will you begin to integrate the light that you are? It is a matter of allowing and receiving within HER fields of love.

Why are there 'two' versions of you, and when will you begin to integrate the light that you are? It is a matter of allowing and receiving within HER fields of love.

"Require": The Infinite's definition, for the emerging cycle.
"That which uplifts brings joy and illuminates. That which brings a being fully online. For each, it is different, unique, precious and shining. As you listen, you receive the Infinite wisdom to feel what ascends your awareness. This you 'require', like breathing. Everything else is an option for how to express your light."

What activities, gifts, talents, abilities,  pursuits, passions... what does it for you?

Let go of being afraid to know. May you become the blessing that yearns for you.

It won't be what you think... though some pieces may be quite familiar. Don't assume anything is the same.

Are you willing to let go of what you think you know? Of experiences in the old cycle with what you love? In the old cycle, love equaled martyrdom. That... is... over.

You are 'required' to allow and receive that which inspires uplifts, acknowledges, nourishes, nurtures, accepts, appreciates, supports and, most importantly, cherishes you.

Do something that loves you!!!!! What you yearn for, yearns for you.