Let's Talk Tribes ~

Let's Talk Tribes ~

'Finding 'your tribe' seems to be all the rage just now, whether it is through blogging or podcasts or '7 ways to...' or 'tips on tribes from introverts' or the thousand and three things one is advised to do in order to be. In a world gone weird, it is not so strange to feel alone or alienated. It is not so strange to feel as though you may have found one tribe, only to have it rip itself from you, or you from it.

And ... Our physical bodies are designed to be tribal, to feel protected within a tribe of some kind.  Originally, our tribes were by hunter-gatherer association and later, and still, by bloodline, blood family, extended family and other historical designations.

Our real tribes have to do with the circles of light in which we participate.  In my last Circle of Light Beacon,  the Infinite spoke through me about the architecture of these circles and how essence architecture is configured...here is an excerpt:

"We have all heard the story of how "the Infinite" wanted to have experience, so divided itself into many. That is one way of perceiving things. When creation occurs, the resonance, affinities, one might say desires (desire is not bad, only the ego makes it so) of the essence in question form parameters. These parameters form boundaries of experience, much like our cells form boundaries. At a physical body's conception, two cells meet and unify. From those two cells, a multi-cellular organism is formed whose cells diverge into various functions that are quite specific. A liver cell is different from the grey matter of the brain, for example.  The intent to fulfill a specific function dictates the form.

So, how does this pertain to the circle(s) of light that you flow from? The patterning is of the same grand design. Your Infinite essence flows according to joy, a concentrated intensity of love and light. You flow as that which you most enjoy and resonate with. That turns into preferences, intentions, and desires as the cosmic game of creation plays itself. "Your" desire to experience the embodiment of certain functions or bandwidths, currents, frequencies, dictates the circles within which you participate and the forms available to you." ~ quoted from Circle of Light monthly subscription, 22 May 2017

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe...

'Your vibe attracts your tribe' is a current new-age slogan, that rings true in many dimensions. Then there is the 'love the one you're with' version of cooperative association popularized in song and story... and coming up big with the 50-year anniversary of the 'summer of love' in San Francisco. 

What is a tribe, for our newly emerging lives, and why is this concept or designation important?  Here is one emissary of light's take on it.

The emerging cycle, paradigm or whatever you choose to call it, is not the domain of the solo artist, the fully independent perceiver who needs no one and nothing and must enter the void alone. Those ideas, those ways of coming into enlightenment, illumination, and embodiment in the past cycle, will not function in the same way in this one. We cannot be solo artists, lone wolves 'going it alone' in these new waters.

If we continue to attempt this, we will be winnowed out.  We will require (meaning something that is not a luxury nor something we can do without) helpmates, those with whom we can band together to manifest something wonderful.

How many of us have lost the wonder? Some of us carry it with us, and yet... we are now in the flows of what will carry us forward if we will allow (the Law of Allowing is BIG in this cycle) this to occur.

What functions within this type of fluidity is a networked (however closely or loosely, depending on circumstance) field of light, sustained within the Infinite love seas of love. This network, association, team or tribe must consciously hold and be committed to holding and being held by a shared bundle of frequencies or currents of light.

For example, a tribe of this nature might hold, most likely non-verbally, an intention too "be held within the light that resonates within each and all of us and to express and radiate this light (remember light is information) within a unified intention, through varied and diverse forms of expression".

Too complicated?  Try "I choose (and commit) to participate in and be part of this fractal of the Infinite field of light as it resonates through and as the being that I AM."

Still too much?  How about "I commit to living the light in harmony with its expression through those around me". Then let that commitment run your life.  Not just guide it, run it. Let the Infinite drive!!!

A hint: The deeper your commitment to an illuminated embodiment, the broader the network(s) you will resonate with. AND, you will find that there will be a more intimate spiral or nesting of tribes within which you find your sustenance, nourishment, support and cherishing. 

You will find the embrace of that which you have yearned for and perhaps been afraid to be trapped within. You need fear no more. We are here for you. Your circle awaits your choice and commitment.

We will each find our welcome lily pad(s), when we commit to flowing in a new way. This is the Great Mother's gift and her promise to us all.

May you find your tribe, and may it welcome your esteemed Presence with open arms!