Unity vs Merging

Unity vs Merging

Over the last 30 years of teaching, I have had so very many conversations with people about unity. Most people have a very wrong idea about this, so let's be clear. When we share fields with a person, place, thing, planet, or other energy, we do not need to MERGE... or, if we do, it needs to fall into the category of absorption into flow or Grace, which is not a negation of some +/- construct, but something NEW.

Duality is an energetic system (the one the earth has left and we are doing our best to catch up) wherein everything has an opposite.  Every energy is set up as an either/or.

Unity is the Infinite energetic system that prevails through this and every multiverse, and into which Gaia (our earth) has moved and into which we are being moved, ready or not.

What does this have to do with merging? Everything!  When the ego tries on the concept of unity it has no reference point except merging.  Positive merging or negative merging because the ego was built in a dualistic system.

Positive merging is the perceived (and sometimes manifested) state wherein we are enmeshed in another field and it seems to enhance, expand or beautify our own. This could be the Infinite field, the field of a lover or family member... even an enemy if martyrdom is your gig... but wait.

Negative merging is the perceived (and almost always entered into) state wherein what you fear permeates your field and brings it.... DOWN. It is triggered by (usually unconscious) fear and holds within it agreements, commitments, contracts, rules, roles, responsibilities, vows, pledges, alliances, allegiances.... (you get the point). Negative merging has rules that dictate that when you merge with another field the least common denominator wins, and that usually feels horrible and trashes you so... why would you do that (thus the fear)? Some of the above agreements and belief systems are like these:

  • empathy =s negative merging (aaaaah! I'm too sensitive!)
  • love =s negative merging (so why let love in?)
  • connection =s negative merging, so deep connecting means i'm screwed
  • merging with an other =s having to carry them, their stuff
  • merging with an other (loving) means taking on their stuff, including wounding
  • unity and merging mean being responsible for carrying and taking on...
  • the unity field is fraught with peril because I have to merge with everything
  • being aloof is safer than merging (well, than negative merging, yes... so there you go)
  • if I surrender into the light that is unity and that is merging... (aaaaaah!)
  • love then =s martyrdom
  • empathy then =s martyrdom
  • connecting =s martyrdom
  • if is safer to be separate than to merge (yes) and therefore to surrender into unity (NO)
  • the false light is the only light on this world
  • i have to be hit (in pain, stressed, struggling) to know I'm alive because (negative merging)
  • merging is unity
  • unity is merging
  • fear is the double bind that holds it all
  • i am right to and entitled to fear these states of merging and unity

Almost everyone's patterns of connecting stem from these energetic pathologies. It is how our egos were formed and trained. Negative merging invites interference as well. It does not have to persist, however.

Positive merging is the perceived (and sometimes manifested) state wherein we are enmeshed in another field and it seems to enhance our own.

Positive merging is the perceived (and sometimes manifested) state wherein we are enmeshed in another field and it seems to enhance our own.

These are some of the perhaps unconsciously self-identified states that are purging from the planet right now... right... now.  NOW... as in Nurture the Oneness Within and not this garbage.

You might want to ask that the TRUE light move through you and totally, unconditionally replace any of the above that resonates or scares the life out of you... it was designed to do just that, to lower your vibration enough so that you can't tell you're dying. Your physical body and your Spirit.

Our bodies were constructed from a paradigm of enslavement, Our Spirits were not. 

What will you choose?  Oh choose LIFE... choose LOVE... you know you made that choice long, long ago!

And have FUN letting Spirit (the Great Mother, the Light) bin and obliterate the above list.

You'll feel better. Really you will! At the bottom of it all is a double bind made of fear. You could start with that if you're an intensity type... and let the shite land where it may... to be laundered by HER in HER own way.

Happy Transitioning!
~unending love-light,