Following, Leading and Getting Out of Source's Way

Following, Leading and Getting Out of Source's Way

The nudge I kept receiving from Source about this post was all about following. There are lots of ways to follow, some of them touted on digital platforms, some a way of describing what it is to walk a particular path or practice a practice in particular. 

There are concepts we have about following up or following through or on being followed or following others. The opposite of following, in the old cycle dualistic system, was leading.

In a unified field, or the Infinite, there is polarity as it exists in worlds like this one, but no opposition. Think of it.  No opposition. What would we do for a worthy opponent when... some beliefs dictate that it would take the fun out of the warrior's way. Some of the holier-than-holy persuasion promulgate that there is no opposition anyway, therefore... and in essence that is true but, if you'd noticed, this has been a war world for some time. 

So, following or leading or... the cliché is getting out of the way. The latter implies weakness or wimpishness or some form of undesirable. lack of decisiveness. Well, if you're getting out of your own way you will stumble over yourself sooner or later because, next cliché drumroll please, wherever you go ... you know the rest.

What getting out of what you call your own way actually accomplishes, and this is the tech stuff now, is that you give one part of your ego permission to bite the rest of you in the ass. It's a good idea, as ideas go... but there is a tech to this getting out of the way stuff.

Neither a follower nor a leader be? Maybe. We are all each and both depending upon circumstances. What if there were another way? What if it is the techy and true way that will function in this cycle like no other? 

Find new and creative ways to keep dancing until what has been offered is the totality of all of you. You may wear out a few pairs of shoes... but it's worth it.

Find new and creative ways to keep dancing until what has been offered is the totality of all of you. You may wear out a few pairs of shoes... but it's worth it.

What if... you got out of Source's way? There are many ways to put this. Give yourself to the light. Surrender to the Infinite. Let go, let yourself receive. All of these are applicable, insofar as what remains of your ego will let you employ their precepts.  

What if you reneged on letting your ego run you? What if you 'just said no' to letting it have its own way because you know, in your innermost knowing, that that is NOT 'your way'? What if you've done this for years, decades, lifetimes even and your inner consensus is that 1) it doesn't work and 2) because there is either something wrong with you or something wrong with Source and 3) you get to keep blaming and projecting your light outside yourself when you let this run? What then? This is the beginning brown belt stage of true awakening.

What happens when you stop choosing to follow or lead or get out of 'something's' way? Does the voice of fear tell you that you have been left like a deer in headlights and the light at the end of the tunnel is indeed the on-coming train? Welcome to Club Ego, home of the light-tech wannabes.

If, however, you always choose the red pill, here are a few tips for not identifying with following, though you do it from time to time and appropriate to the occasion, not leading, though ditto, and not trying to get out of your own way because you have seen the futility thereof.

1) Have the conversation. Have a fireside chat (or choose your venue) with Source.

2) State your issues clearly. It usually begins with something like "I've followed all your rules! Turn on the goddamn lights!" ~ quote from The Golden Child. When you've completed that bit of self-righteous nonsense, your dance with reality can begin

3) Sit with the feeling of dancing with Source... then with the feeling of dancing AS THAT.

4) Watch what your remaining ego does with each feeling state. Offer back to the all anything that does not feel good.

5) Offer back into the Infinite (yes, it's the same thing) anything that does feel good that you just know you really shouldn't be feeling... then stop shoulding on yourself and offer that up too. That's the voice of spiritual ego and it is the least effective navigational tool in your arsenal, no matter what it tells you.

Completion: Do not rinse and repeat. Find new and creative ways to keep dancing until what has been offered is the totality of all of you. You may wear out a few pairs of shoes... but it's worth it.

The tech truth of any new cycle is that the rulebase and rolebases of the old cycle simply do not apply. No rules... until they show up at some point which may be inevitable or not.

What exists in this exquisite transit time of Source's making (one of the Great Mother's top three secret recipes) is a modicum of etiquette, or as she likes to call it, a "Modiquette".  Funny, isn't it? The rules go away but the etiquette remains.

Dance with the modiquette, and let the rules fall where they may!

Oh, and enjoy not being 'one or the other'. When the either/or leaves you, you are free to play.