Shock and Raw

Shock and Raw

WHAT the…. you know the rest of the expression.

The shock waves ripping through all biped collectives at the moment are variations on the same scream. Waves of grief/horror/gobsmack right alongside those of ‘FINALLY! NOW I get what I want!’. Mmhmm. This will not be what anyone’s anticipation of a “negative event” might suggest. SHE did say that anticipating a ‘negative event’ was not how to create in the new cycle, yes? Apparently more learning and/or proof and evidence is required. Yawn.

So what are the tidal surges one might anticipate? Shock, yes. Check. Then denial. Check. The whole planet in reactive la-la-land. Egoic self-medication on steroids. In whatever way is most addictive (meaning most comforting in an infantile sort of way including tantrums). Then anger. Oh the blast of that is yet to come… probably next week or thereabouts. It has already begun.

I was heartened by one or two reasonable posts by environmental advocates, namely Rhea Suh of the NRDC and Fred Krupp of the EDF. Then the bandwagon began to be hopped upon with “Let’s stand up and fight!” responses.

From both sides of what is no longer foundationally based in duality and therefore has to play out impotently in surface-world coliseums with much wailing and gnashing of whatever is convenient. Battle stations! Oh, please.

What matters manifests. Apparently what matters in a war world is an opponent. So that has manifested… and will continue to do so in those realities. What can YOU do? Withdraw the Presence. Let the Light that you Are shine into new realities that have nothing, no thing, to do with the grand farce being played. Your mind tells you that you ought to be overjoyed or outraged or whatever… most light beings weighing in on the outrage, to be sure. That is the mental construct of the ego telling you it is entitled to stay in control. Is that not what has just played out? Mirror much, America?

Constellation of Lyra

Constellation of Lyra

Here is what is possible for us, for you, oh shining ones! What can happen is that this 'shock and raw’ event can shake you to your seed forms. Not your roots. Those have been assailed much of late. What can now dissolve are the seed forms, the illusions of seemingly tiny encapsulated forms that create worlds, realities, universes, that hold the parameters that form experience out of the infinite. This is real! This is how it all functions! Your mind and everyone/thing around you will tell you that is not important and it doesn’t matter and THAT is why new realms do not manifest for you!

Is it easy? Well, yes, from a certain point of view… and no, from most viewing points. You must surrender your mental positioning. NOT your heartfelt intuitive and instinctual feelings on what works for your light and what does not! THAT is what you have surrendered to be in ‘that world’. Stop it. Surrender ‘that world’ and all of its lies and pitfalls, and move in and on the Source truth that moves through you.

The thought forms flying around are something like “Oh all that esoteric crap is just that, my whole world is crashing around me and I won’t listen anymore! Everything has gone to sh#%t, or, oddly enough, NOW things will turn around! NOW I have something to fight for!”. Well, that voice didn’t listen in the first place, did it? If a “whole world” is crashing then that is a good thing! Worthy of celebration! A whole construct(s) built by the ego for its own gratification is being obliterated. In the words of recently deceased Leonard Cohen, “Hallelujah!”. (safe home, love!)

So the ego now has something to stand and fight for? What that tells you is that it has always done exactly this and where you now feel positioned is where the matrix still has you. Feel what you need to feel. Outrage or whatever. Then be lightlifted. Not on a wave of whatever stage of grief is hitting the planet next. Lifted from within into the frequencies that you are free to utilise to create the realities of experiencing light that are yours. Yours. Ours. Free to create. When seed forms find their ultimate resolution, (and no, recent events are not that) new life can begin.

Bargaining has begun as well, of course. All of the “Let’s work with this…” statements. A step in some direction or other, for some, perhaps.

Acceptance will only come for us, starstreams, when we stop playing on that field altogether and walk a (new) way. Creating something entirely new where black and white are the least interesting colours of our palette.

Let the rest be fertilizer. Let the light games begin.

~she who has done with pretending,