New Cycle New Rules - What Not To Do

New Cycle New Rules - What Not To Do 

Anticipation of a Negative Event. Classified in processing-speak as a symptom-causing agreement or rule, this habit of behaviour is wreaking havoc as the cycle turns. In order to understand why this is such a bad idea, such an issue if you hold this pattern in your bundle, it helps to first understand the properties of fear. Yes, the emotion of fear. Terror, horror, etc., but fear. Fear is an attracting vibration. It pulls towards you what you hold in its vibration. What you fear, you attract. This is why, with the world walking its ‘worst fear’ states of mind, things are a bit dicey.


Navigating around and through global ‘worst fear’ states that are attracting exactly those conditions, makes it challenging to see through the fog and also through what we might be attracting as these fractal or partial fields come up to be purged.  They are purging. This is what is occurring. It will not feel that way while you are swimming (or drowning) in them, so HER advice is to be light-lifted into your authentic and true light. To do that, you have to replace the fear vibration with HER love. Not human love ~ although it helps ~ but HERS. Source love-light.

How? First acknowledge the fear, even if it is non-specific in nature, or especially if it is VERY specific… think ‘abandonment, rejection, destitution, betrayal', and the ‘self-‘ forms of those states. Acknowledge and ask for help in finding compassion for those states within yourself. Don’t try to do this for others, you’ll drown. There is too much afloat and afoot. Do your own work.

When the fear is acknowledged, also acknowledge how you anticipate the future based on these fears.  Most of this will be inherited, imprinted or implanted in your early childhood.  Your physical and emotional bodies learn a rule something like this: “I have to let ‘x’ energies in, because they run through the family unit field, so I have to tolerate, put up with, or even embrace these energies in order to survive”.  You may feel you have worked well past this, and in consciousness, you well have done. Your physical body, however, is purging right in step with all of Gaia.  Anything left in the ‘anticipation of a negative event’ column, no matter how small, insignificant and even seemingly benign in the grand scheme of things, is coming up for purging. You may feel this instead of comprehending it.  It might be right in your face in glorious technicolor. It is different for everyone.  

Stop and offer this symptom-causing agreement (and yes, this agreement to run this habit of behaviour causes symptoms in the bodies and in your physical life) up to Source in its whole, clandestine, cloaked, encrypted, invisible and visible entirety.  Let HER transform the whole thing!  You may feel you have done so and many many times!  SHE advises that you do it again and pronto!  Let HER light replace every particle of any of this tendency.  

The pattern runs something like this: “ I intuitively feel this is the right decision (product, purchase, action…) buuutttt…. I am going to tangentially pop over into fear OCD and double-or-triple check every other option, even the ones that don’t feel good, just in case I’m making a mistake.  This only leads to analysis paralysis. Not to anywhere you want to be when this transition completes. It happens with any situation possible, until you call a screeching halt. (and the screeching can be silent, as you might choose)

Sit with the feelings in your bodies, and let HER replace every last particle, every scenario, making the commitment (this is important) to act as SHE (as Source) guides you to act, decide and move… and to do so with a new confidence, even if you are not feeling that at any moment.  Example: “I now take every intuitively guided action with the confidence that Source moves through me, that I am guided at every moment and that THIS is the correct energetic action for this moment”.  Mean it.  Even if doubt creeps in (which you then offer up), even if the but-but bird chirps away… “ but what if I made a mistake…” the but-but bird is an expert as second-guessing. When you second-guess Source you betray the light. Why keep doing something that doesn’t work?

This pattern MUST be eradicated in us all for the new cycle to turn in the ways we want to create with light therein.  Hold the vision of what you KNOW is possible, even when it seems impossible or even improbably. Let HER hold that in and as you. Learn to laugh at the appearances and STOP - ANTICIPATING - NEGATIVITY… It feeds it.
Sounds difficult?  It isn’t.

Step one: Acknowledge the fear.

Step two: Acknowledge the projection of anticipating negativity even though you have a lifetime of proof and evidence that something bad CAN happen so you have to prepare for it… Stop it! Release the pattern, its trigger and the symptoms it has caused throughout your life. You need not name them, you have lived them and are undoubtedly living them now.

Step three: Offer every last particle in all of your bodies to the light for transformation of this. NOW.

Step four: Enjoy the new ride! (don’t look back)

If it is fun for you to offer this to Kali’s buffet table or Sekhmet’s basin for immolation, or some other dissolution algorithm, then by all means use what is fun!

You were literally configured for this, oh shining ones! 
Blessings oh nobly born, for you ARE the light inheritance presence on this world at this time and are destined to be so for some time to come.

Be absorbed. Be light-lifted.

~unending glorious illumined love,