The Unearthing of the Angst

The Unearthing of the Angst

This article has been percolating, much like what is brewing in the world right now. The planetary energies are supporting the release of damage done to what is typically called ‘the masculine’. Those of you who know me a bit know that I don’t ascribe to theories of ‘the’ anything… We all have all energies within us in varying degrees.

The time period from now and into May of 2017 will be like the earth being ploughed up, the soil turned to reveal what has been long buried whether it wanted to be brought to light or not. Think grubs, pill bugs, things that hide under rocks, deftly flipped into the light to reveal the rich dark loam that nourishes new growth. Freshly turned nurturing earth where our dreams have been long planted, waiting for long dormant seed forms to be watered, fed and nourished. But first the turning, burning, scattering and purging of all that has lain fallow awaiting its return to the light.

The qualities of kindness, sheltering, providing and protecting. Nurturing from strength and kindness, tenderness and respect. These have been called the Sacred Masculine and are, in truth, solar aspects of both genders, all flows of polarity, the Solar Feminine as well as the Masculine. That which shelters, protects from harm and cherishes that which nurtures, supports and acknowledges. These are the seeds now quickening into new life.

Where is the damage? We are seeing it being unearthed daily all over the world… especially in the realms of business and politics. Damage inflicted by those who are themselves so damaged that they are oblivious to what they perpetrate and perpetuate… or who know quite well and have gone to the sadomasochism side of the field to play out this round. These fields are HERS, reclaimed and ready for the ripening to begin.

What is the healing? The return through the heart. A return to wholeness, where feelings can be expressed in safety with no fear of the consequences of what might be acted out. Feelings must be vented, need this accepting of their venting steaming. The Heartspace is the safe and quiet place, the sanctuary, sacrosanct. The zone where all feelings can be aired into purity and clarity, no matter what their content. This is the threshing floor spoken of in many traditions. The place where wheat and chaff are separated, where truth and denial part ways forevermore.

How, as beings of light and sensitivity, can we slip through this portal unscathed?

The truth is that we are already scathed. The scathing has happened, long ago, more than once, and we are marked and seasoned by its passing. The trick to this little pirouette, through a not-so-little event horizon, is the inward turning into light. Let each turn of HER spade dig deeper. Let yourself be dredged to the depths and beyond. Let every last unacknowledged part of your essence be brought unerringly to light. Returned home to you through HER loving wisdom.

Let the child within rest within the embrace of the Great Cosmic Mother. Only as we dance this dance do we morph into the gentle maturity of ‘ten thousand suns’ (as the Sufis say). Be whole. Be healed. You are not now, nor have you ever been, alone. Let go the damage. Let the fierce, compassionate wielder of Grace move into your heart and remain with you always.

A tough crossing, this one. So very worth it once our feet are firmly planted on that not too distant shore. Take heart!

Don’t quit before the miraculous begins.

So much love, support and acknowledgement, dear brave ones.
This is not encouragement to fight on, but to dissolve completely.

The ‘you’ that remains is that which you have longed to be.

~bon courage!