Matter And Spirit Not Separate, But One

Matter And Spirit Not Separate, But One

So often, over the years, I have been asked “Well, how do I use this in my day-to-day life, my ‘mundane’ life?”

There is no such thing as “mundane life”. “There are No Ordinary Moments” ~ Dan Millman

If you believe that your physical day-to-day is separate from your spirituality, your integrity, your lightstreams, then you are part of the vast majority of spiritual seekers who have been taught a misconception during the past cycle. Matter and Spirit are not, have never been and never will be, separate. The point of following your light streams, living your light, is not to hide that away in meditation or ‘under a bushel’ in order to be safe and un-persecuted, but to actually live your light as an embodiment of the frequencies of Source that you resonate.

Many fall into the practices that allegedly lead to enlightenment, wholeness, the arms of the Great Mother (which is more accurate, truth be told) in order to escape the pain of their daily lives, to be more productive, to have a way of being different in what feels to a Starstream like an indifferent world.

For you, Starstreams, this is your time. You are now coming into ‘your own’, meaning your own unique frequencies, your lightstreams, your creative abilities. These cannot now nor could they ever have been used in the ways of the old cycle. Those were the powers that WERE. We used those practices to gain strength, discipline and determination, to learn via the ‘way of the warrior’ on a war world, how to be light in a body for the time that is now. The spiritual ego will tell you that light hacks are for your inner work and are not practical in the physical world. This is what they are FOR. The Infinite field needs no such hacking! Embodiment IS the Infinite, expressed through fractals of form.

"Can I not simply be absorbed and gain power in the field during my meditations, contemplations, daily practices, then go out and do my day-to-day with less pain and more ease and hopefully more Grace?” Yes, of course, and no, not really. What matters to you determines the outcome, more now than ever.

Do you use re-chargeable batteries or the ones you buy new and throw away? Both work. It depends on your lifestyle, your environmental awareness and also on how you utilize the tools. If you don’t regularly re-charge the rechargeable they ‘die’, faster than the ones you have to throw away anyway, and it takes more of an initial investment to get the setup working. Then you have something you can pay a whole lot of attention to but it will sustain you for life… or you can buy the others that do last longer, often work better, but have to be periodically thrown away and re-purchased, unlike your physical body which does not run on that algorithm. Which is the better investment? You decide. Re-chargeable is more environmentally sustainable so it gets my vote, but there the analogy ends. Constant replacing or constant replenishing were the practices that WERE. Unity consciousness has no either/or, nor does embodiment.

If you are using your old practices, tried and true though they have been, in the old ways, you are practicing the definition of insanity in this new cycle. You know the one. “The definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviour over and over again expecting different results.” There is an infinitely sustainable Source of health, vitality, well-being, creativity, transcendence, ascension, love and beauty waiting for you… as you.

Your physical life is made up of light, like the machine city in the Matrix. When Neo loses his physical eyes, be begins to truly see. This is how so much of the martyrdom-cycle belief system was created. The extrapolation of this is that, “Oh, I have to suffer cruelly to see the truth”. NO.

The Infinite, the Great Mother, is screaming for our attention. Literally, our attention. As we pay that debt of gratitude and follow HER guidance through our intuition and instinctual feelings as the beings of light that we are, our lives cannot do anything but change in positive ways along with the new cycle.

Matter and Spirit are not separate. What matters, manifests… in thought, word and action. It is meant to do so. We are not meant to withdraw from the worlds we are here to create. We are here, oh shining ones, to create worlds, reality constructs, to reside within as living, breathing, ambulatory beacons for those who have yet to learn these truths… and who may never learn them in this lifetime. But they will remember. As you do. As you always have.

The lightbody transformation is known in many cultures by various names:

-  Sufism: the most sacred body or supracelestial body
-  Taoist: the diamond body, the immortals and the cloudwalkers
-  Yogic schools and Tantrics: the divine body
-  Kriya yoga: the body of bliss
-  Vedanta: the superconductive body
-  Ancient Egyptians: the luminous body or being (akh) or the karast
-  Gnosticism: the perfect body
-  Hermetic Corpus: the immortal body
-  Alchemical tradition: the Emerald Tablet calls it the golden body
-  Tibetan Buddhism: Rainbow Body

The physical manifestation of this has changed and will keep changing.

Be the light, loves!  It is time to wield it!
~unending flows of creative resonance,