Breaking Through The Bottleneck

Breaking Through The Bottleneck

When we step into creativity we also step fully into the structures we’ve created. We create energy structures within our field of essence for everything we want to manifest. Some structures enhance productivity. Some insure our physical survival. Many were borrowed from our family construct, drafted into our fields. They protect us from that family construct and make sure we are protected by it. This is a double bind, the most intense form of energetic bottleneck.

Every double bind within us is strained to the maximum just now. The feeling is of wanting to jump out of the skin and at the same time to cower deep within, hiding behind what we run from so it can protect us. This is a version of the “devil you know” being better than the one you don’t. Except that this isn’t a demon of any kind. It is self-created.

These structures show up energetically in our energy fields in many ways. The most common one being broken is in the area of the throat and heart. In sessions for people over the past weeks I have seen variations on this bottleneck. It contains a ring or collar around the throat that varies in size and shape with the individual’s configuration. Some structures look like a birdcage over the head, with the ring at the throat. Others look like a full body cage whose base-ring is at the throat like an upside-down basket. Some are like torqs, with spikes, horns or featherlike pieces protruding upwards, downwards or outwards. One looked like circular necklace of fine wires. Some look like the carcan, or iron ring attached to a headstock. You get the idea. A thick collar or ring around the neck or resting on the collar bones and shoulders with spikes, staves, or some other protrusion sticking out of it at a specific angle or angles. The structure does not, most likely, cover your whole body at this point. Only the areas that feel most vulnerable… especially the heart and throat. (It can be other areas as well)

This structure is a device of your creation so when you ask to step into your creativity, your creative power, you also step into this. Every time. Some of the inner work you’ve done will make one part of the structure look more transparent than another, or allow it to morph in place when observed. These things like to hide. They do so because they believe, accurately, that they are part of you. They do not want to be dissolved nor do they feel it is in your best interest for that to happen.

Part of essence tuning is the dissolution of structures such as these. They cannot be deleted or banished because their energies are part of your field. You must first see the structure or device for what it is. Then ask the Infinite, the Great Mother, to absorb these energies back into fluidity.

Ask that SHE replace the structure with unprogrammed light. SHE will show you the pieces of yourself that are ready (or not), willing (or not) and able (always). Ask HER to work with these aspects of yourself so that SHE can replace this creation with HER fluid nature, which is really yours.

Releasing this structure allows you to step fully into your creative genius without stepping into the bear trap of what you have created to protect yourself. It frees you from channeling energy into something that will only weigh you down in the new cycle. You no longer need to carry this kind of body armor in your field.

One thing that helps is to ask to be light-lifted from each and every piece of family construct. Ask that it be cleared from your blood, your systems, your bodies, your life. Absolutely. Every last bit. Let HER take the fear, the terror, the trauma, anything the body is holding as a reason not to let go. Then face the bottleneck and let it dissolve.

You might not want to release the family construct or feel it is unnecessary. HER advice is to do so. You are in a new cycle. You have a new body. Whatever structures, scaffolds, templates, and workarounds (coping mechanisms for being in that construct in the first place) have existed are now being swept away. The more of your essence that you have invested in these structures, the more of you is being swept from this world. It is up to you what remains.

The Equinox opening: A tsunami of data overwhelms the world. An even larger tsunami overwhelms consciousness. What will remain or show itself when the waters recede? These structures will not protect you, they will not keep you safe, they will not survive the onslaught. Let the energies be absorbed. It is your choice what ‘remains’ or what morphs to suit the tides.

Light IS.

Love DOES.

We are learning the difference by taking the steps. We are the seeds of new worlds forming. You love building worlds, remember?

~unending love,