Let's Talk Community ~

Let's Talk Community ~

As 2017 ends and 2018 begins, we are moving into a new 7-year cycle. From now until 2025, the transition from the transformations of the past few years will manifest in the physical world. 2018 begins this. Time to move into new realities and manifest what we have truly envisioned.

New realities are not seeded, nor are they built by solo artists. For new realities to function, they require collaboration and teamwork. A community, to use a term that is tricky at present. Here's why.

When we think of 'community,' our bodies and subconscious minds immediately reference family-of-origin dynamics. This happens organically in our cellular structures and our DNA. It is a form of automatic entrainment like the kind that happens when we are around blood family. Our bodies 'revert to conditioning.' This is the habitual pattern we were imprinted with in utero and in childhood, but it does not have to persist in our lives as we mature in consciousness.

What helps is to (admit to ourselves) recognize that when we speak of collaboration and community what large parts of us are referencing are family dynamics and the cooperation of egoic agendas. Egos cooperate (sometimes). Consciousness collaborates.

Try this. Say the word community to yourself, as it applies to your dreams of new reality. Now, let the dream dissolve without letting it go. Say the word again and feel into your body. Let the images or memories arise that your body holds around this concept. Do they match your visions? If not, don't blame yourself, simply do the work of dissolving these deeply held patterns. Ask Source to illuminate these patterns in your body and to work with the body to move them through and into dissolution. This is one of the reasons we need a resurgence of the Great Mother's energy just now. It is in her tenderness and nurturing that our bodies learn to let go.

What is needed, as we seed new realms of conscious living on this world, is collaboration. A new kind of community. A term has surfaced in the blockchain 'community' that I find truly appropriate. De-centralized Autonomous Community, or DAC. I prefer De-centralized Autonomous Collaboration. More of a practice than a place label.

What does this mean? At the core of what is being seeded is the truth that everything is vibration. Everything is consciousness. Everything is divinity. This truth requires an approach to relating that is based on reverence. It requires that we drop the shields and weapons created in our learned family dynamics, for moments at a time at first, perhaps, and learn to see one another as the precious beings of light that we are. That we learn to reverence the gifts, talents, and abilities of each and all of us and how those qualities fit into the waves of new light. 

We are all learning this new way of relating 'as Source to Source, through Source'. Collaborative consensus on how this functions will not happen overnight, though it could... as we live in the miraculous where all things are within the realm of possibility. This will take practice, honing and refining. 

In higher vibration collaboration (community) it will become a given, unconditionally understood, that each of our contributions is equally valuable. Where there is no shared value there is no resonance... and those realities will not be for us, but for someone else. We have the ability to learn to honor this as well, letting 'other' collaborations form in other realities that need not be our own.

What is the foundation of new community, of Source-driven collaboration? It begins with an intention, a thought, nurtured and nourished with tenderness and respect. When we overflow with tenderness and respect for the seeds we nurture into sprouting, we hold the keys to what we will create as 'heaven.' Remember, as you create, that 'heaven' is subjective.

We all dream differently, and some dreams will no longer be supported by Gaia. She has chosen to stop supporting dreams that dominate, control, and that are not sustainable. That cycle has ended. It is time.

It helps to ask for any outdated conditioning, imprinting, or habits born of family dynamics (no matter how good they might appear to be) to dissolve and to be given a clear vision of what Source, our Great Mother, sees as sustainable and nurturing and Joy-affirming within our dreams. What brings the most joy? What is the truth in this moment (whether I want to see it or not)? What is available that I have not perceived?


Our visions will manifest within the next 7 years. That is certain. How this manifesting takes place is up to how tenderly we nurture the process and one another.

We can only nurture what resonates. What does not, is not ours to do.

Blessings of tenderness and respect,