Living A New Destiny ~

Living A New Destiny ~

I woke up yesterday morning to a voice in my awareness. Not so unusual, but this voice kept repeating "It's over," again and again and in a way that felt awful. So I knew it wasn't the voice of the Infinite, just from the feeling. Straight up. Even though there is truth in that statement.

The voice was the voice of fear and interference born of fear. A flow of energy from people/places/things/situations/circumstances or whatever that is TERRIFIED that our old ways of living have ended.

I'm absolutely serious. Ended. Game over. The new game is beginning and the players have already chosen their fields and colours and costumes and... you name it, the choices have already been made. A lot of it looks 'the same' right now because human-designed minds are not constructed to translate this kind of a shift into instant manifestation...yet.

One way to start seeing the new is to ask yourself (so your mind has to supply data) what things HAVE changed? Not the how, the what. Observe without judgment or score-keeping of any kind.

Then, move your awareness, or ask Source to do it for you (especially if you're exhausted or it feels impossible at the moment) completely and fully into the restful and rejuvenating essence of flow. Just be there.

What I first noticed yesterday morning, on being 'there', where I most typically live and hang out, was that the voice of "It's over" was instantly and definitively silenced. No surprise to me. A welcome relief. At that point, I could have moved into the perspective of the Infinite Observer and looked at where the voice(s) came from. I wasn't interested. One doesn't have to be interested in what was.

In a new destiny, the old is not only unimportant, it is irrelevant. What does consciousness do with irrelevant data? Irrelevant to a particular experience in particular (yes I used that word twice on purpose)? When information in the form of data points (not to be confused with facts) is irrelevant to a particular experience of reality, that information, that LIGHT, simply exists elsewhere. It does not MOVE. It simply IS...ELSEWHERE.

Cool, or what?  Oh, I know, our minds don't want to accept that, because the 'getting from here to there' was part of the mind's conditioned navigational function. WAS. WAS part of that function. In an age of information, the mind had to be informationally oriented. It was part of the gig. It still has a useful purpose, but that purpose is not the same as it was in the old cycle.

In an age of intuition, guess what? Linear cognition MUST take a back seat to the intuitive function. There will always be a place for logic... maybe... in obsolete backwaters of old cycle awareness. And, of course, we must use our minds. We do have them. The use of the mind has shifted along with our realities, though, and we are in a process of learning once more. We are learning a new world the way we did as infants.

Living a New Destiny is learning by immersion. We live as an ambulatory experiment in consciousness. Weird. Unfathomable, one might say. And yet, there it is.

To move from our incarnational or 'incoming' destiny into something new is a move from karma to dharma, yes. From a certain point of view. It is also a function of moving into streaming consciousness. Not 'stream of consciousness'. Streaming consciousness, where we are one with and not differentiated from, flow.

We become the ALL. We become Source. We become an expression of divinity, pure and simple. The purer, the simpler. And we learn by being immersed in this flow.

May you Live Your New Destiny in JOY and with gusto! May it bring you every imaginable and unexpected blessing, miracle, and adventure! 

There are many ways to learn to navigate this immersion. Here is one possibility: