The Power of Pause ~

The Power of Pause ~

Here we are at the Solstice. The new moon ushers in the deepest part of this window. It is time to pause. Time to let the emanations of your new destiny take root. Its seeds await your watering.

You may be immersed in projects, up to your eyes in things to do, and to your 'a$$' in alligators, yes, and it is still time... to... pause.

This is different than hitting the pause button on your life... or maybe not if your life circumstances are not aligned with your new destiny. I hear, in the field, two major refrains: "I can't pause now, full steam ahead!" and that may be the reality you are surfing... or, "I can't wait to hit pause on everything because everything is too much!" and that may be the reality you are surfing. Not likely though. More likely is that these are the voices of what needs to be left behind. The chorus of old music that supported a life you are leaving.{Not the things, necessarily, the way you deal with the things...and when that changes, the things change.}

We are entering our new destinies, one and all. I am noticing more and more tools, methods, and modalities available that move past the surface-scratch of beginner Law of Abundance stuff of the last decade. This is the good news!

There are so many ways to perceive the Infinite and our immersion within it. So many ways to access the zero point field (science's name for the Infinite) and to understand the nature of reality. Our perceptual arrays are literally being bombarded with the accumulated information of the in-formation age. {yes, that spelling is deliberate}

Why? Because that age has ended and its accumulated wisdom, or lack thereof, is now free-floating, formless, and awaiting integration into the new forms of expression that will house our new destinies. What to do with it all? Let it swirl and coalesce into readable patterns of energy. Until 'it' is allowed to do this within our awareness fields, we can be lost in the pixels.

Have you ever looked at a Pointillism-style painting up close? All the eye perceives are dots of colour. It takes a wider perspective to literally see the 'big picture' that forms from the pixels.


And so, at this moment of intensity, a pause is merited. Not a running and hiding kind of pause. Not the 'duck and cover' of escapism. A pause to allow the influx of light to reflect something new. A new destiny for a new way of living and expressing the divinity within.

It is time to allow all ideas of 'carving out' anything to be replaced with 'creating within flow' and seeing where these new creations lead. They are pointers to new forms that will emerge intuitively. Welcome to the Age of Intuition. This is where we remember how to live in trust.

Truth follows trust. It has always been so. When we trust the Infinite, more truth is available to be perceived.

Time for a pause, on the 'noise and haste' or the 'lack thereof'.

What parts of you have withered from lack of interest? Was it a good death? Or one that you still mourn? From those ashes, new worlds are born.

Pausing is not effective when accompanied by your electronic devices, especially those to which you are addicted, by the way. A pause is not a pause when you spend it surfing. {no not even the wet kind}

Take a pause. Invite the silence. Let what longs to bloom begin to bud within you. Don't try to force or fashion its appearance to your old, worn out ideas of light or life.

Let the budding begin.

Take a pause. Let the silence take all of you until there is nothing left but everything. From there, the downloads begin.  Cling, and you invite the crash that acceleration plus tethering makes inevitable. Have you not had enough of that adventure?

Take a pause. Feel its power. Let it have its way with your every fibre. The you that emerges may be recognizable only to 'you'. And that is as it must be. When a shift of this magnitude happens to everything, how can anything remain the same?


Let the pause take you. No matter what, things will never be the same.

Happy New Destiny!