Let's Talk Optimal Updrafting~

Let's Talk Optimal Updrafting~

As we flail a bit in the thermals and micro-bursts of the upcoming surge, it is easy to lose our sense of orientation. I use the term orientation instead of direction because the process we are immersed within is not linear. 

Discernment + Inspired Action = Efficiency;
Yes, but only if action is taken in a timely manner.
When we wait or procrastinate we are setting ourselves up for having to resuscitate something whose lifeforce has been and gone.

Movement in the Moment = Optimal;
This is when we move with the impulse from Source in the moment that we are intuitively positioned to do so.

If we stop to think or strategize these moments pass us by.

Certain things require learning, thinking something through, strategizing, yes. But action in the moment on clear intuitive discernment is Source's flow of efficiency.

You know how it feels. When you simply find yourself taking an action without having thought about it at all. {when clear-minded of course, not wasted}

Intuitive impulsing is the way of seeding new realities. An idea lights you up. You may not yet be able to articulate its brilliance but you feel the fire. THAT is the moment to begin to act upon it! Fan the flames into the creative opportunity being offered. Let the Infinite position you for optimal action.

We tend, due to everything else on the plate in front of us and the other plates we happen to be juggling, to feel that we can set these flashes aside, put them on a side burner, shelve them for 'when we have time.' Not so. We no longer have 'that kind' of time.

There is an urgency in the turning of a world.

Urgency is not the same energy as emergency.

An emergency is a causal event. We usually define this as a serious, potentially life-threatening event that supersedes all others in requiring us to respond. It takes precedence over everything in a life-and-death scenario kind of way.

Urgency is a deep inner feeling rooted in the nature of causality. We feel the need to act. Somehow. Anyhow. Our brainstem gets involved, kicking our body's survival instincts into high gear. And that, naturally enough, can get us into trouble. Urgency is not an emergency, though it does require the deep inner clarity that allows us to make an immediate and often thorough shift. Gone are the days when we had the luxury of procrastinating our way through life.

What is the solution to exiting the polarity of jumping the gun versus procrastination? Divinely impulsed action in the moment. This requires discernment. Discernment requires clarity. Clarity is the product of living a high-frequency life.

The higher the vibration, the more clarity is present.

So how might one apply this truth to practical scenarios? One situation at a time. Optimal is allowing Source to guide us through each moment. Sound impossible? It is not. It does take practice, however, and we are all learning. As we raise our vibrations, we learn with each updraft.

A writer, for example, may intuit millions of ideas for what to write about. Most writers carry a note-taking device with them at all times. When inspiration flashes, they write it down 'for later'. What I am talking about is Source's amplification of this 'idea-storing-and-mining' process.

If an idea floods your awareness, go with the flood waters. If it means shelving what you were working on temporarily to go with this flow, do it.  This is not the same as starting half a dozen ideas and finishing none of them. That behavior is the nemesis of the constant catalyst or the procrastinator. A catalyst can have brilliance igniting all over the place but can also have difficulty implementing and completing anything. A procrastinator (and we all have these archetypes within us) puts things off for whatever reason is most convenient at the moment. 

This feeling is vastly different. It is clarity in action.

Give it a try. When you find yourself taking an action without having thought about it first, good. Pay attention to what is happening without letting your mind interfere. The mind will be called into play, but don't let it lead. Observe how easily your effort moves. This is optimal. This gives you lovespeed.

The learning state of optimal is when we feel the intuitive guidance, mentally choose to act upon it, and feel we have to ask at each moment...what next? This, as we feel our way through unfamiliar territory. This a learning phase. It can be frustrating but, as the I Ching states, "perseverance furthers."

If a next step does not immediately present itself, in any scenario, it is because, in that moment, there is not an optimal step to take. In plain words, there isn't one. That is not to say that in the next moment or minute or hour or day or.... one will not show up. We tend to quit too quickly, often right before the 'miracle' occurs. It seems paradoxical, perhaps, the concept that one acts definitively in the moment and on 'no' mental knowledge, or seems forced to wait for inspiration. This is the mental trap we are learning to exit. There are no 'either/or's' in unity consciousness. There are infinite potentials. We limit Source when we confine the Infinite to our mental either/or scenarios.

The urgency of this transit of speeding up can sometimes trigger frustration. We feel the impulse to act but the patterns attached to conditioned response are so quick to react that they get in the way of our discernment.  Feel frustration? Take a deep breath. Acknowledge the feeling. Ignoring it or pushing through it will not solve anything. Ask, with the most clarity you can muster, what the frustration is in response to if you don't know already, and ask what options are available. Let the habitual patterns that frustration throws up to 'solve things' dissolve or burn away. Habits born of the old cycle will not be productive in the new.

The funny thing is, the true root of many of our frustrations is the inner certainty that we did have a flash of brilliant insight and we did not act on it at the optimal moment, thus we are landed in... whatever mire we are now slogging through.

Our minds and egos rarely allow us to know this truth. It would put them out of a certain kind of job. It is time. Those jobs are obsolete.

We are learning, at amplified speeds, how to navigate amplified living. It is becoming more and more necessary for us to pivot and shift in a moment.

Don't let anyone or anything detour you from making the shifts you need to make. Some of these shifts are quite subtle. Some a bit drastic, as we seed new realities within which we can play.

Lovespeed suits you. The more you immerse yourself in its grace, the higher and faster you vibrate. It feels good. And THAT is how your new realities are meant to be.

When Source moves you, makes a suggestion, even if it registers for only the most fleeting nanoblip, choose to follow through. Don't wait. Don't procrastinate. And if you do let it go by, don't paddle upstream to try to find it. There will be another flash, another moment. And this time, you won't let anything else get in the way.

We are learning at lightspeed, to simply be within love's Infinite creative flow. BEING is not a static state. The Infinite knows not 'stuck'.

How quickly and optimally are we shifting? With the upcoming Solstice window, we are about to find out.

Love from Infinite perspectives,