Today I Googled Heaven ~

Today I Googled Heaven ~

... well, actually I was looking for images for a Steemit post... which then kept giving me a network error whilst posting itself four times... with two different images. It made me laugh because that is what the concept of 'heaven' creates for us. Multiple versions of what we have learned and imagined to be our 'perfect' experience of living. 

When I realized, in 2010, after my physical reboot (the stroke) that I had completed what I came here to 'do' this time, I wondered why I had chosen to stay in this body. I have had insights over the past seven years, but it wasn't until the wee hours of this morning that I finally got the full grok.

When I worked in concert production, I dreamed of creating onscreen (digital was in its infancy then) production numbers (they would have been called films...) that made a point, that altered consciousness. In the same way that listening to a piece of music or reading a book can assist anyone who listens or reads simply by story-sharing, the compositions I dreamed of contained transmissions that would not only shift vibrations but create experiences of reality. Every good story does that anyway, right?

But of course when one delves into egoic dissolution, one abandons all stories, just because... it helps to do so. All identities, all attachments to particulars have to be dissolved... or at least understood as such. So the stories drifted away.  Or so I perceived truth to be. another misperception revealed! It is possible for ALL misperceptions to be perceived in truth, and perceived during this transit. Right now.

Apparently, there was this one, last, lingering desire... that kept me embodied and furthered that in every way. I am grateful. Not for staying in the body, necessarily, though my body is grateful and I have had some fine adventures therein, but for the insight as to how things have unfolded.

Remember Belinda Carlisle's song, Heaven is a Place on Earth? A bit on the sappy side, but I envisioned a production number with the last two lines of the chorus (the rest of the song I can't even recall) as the final musical punchline... and then the theatre would go instantly and dramatically dark. Cool. A series of images of what this world could be if consciously created, then "ooh, baby do you know what that's worth?" {compiled images vis a vis koyaanisqatsi} and " ooh, heaven is a place on earth". Theatre goes dark. The etheric composition gave me chills. I could have done without the 'ooh's and the 'baby', myself, but someone else's lyrics must not generally be messed with.

At that time, digital production methods could not yet support my vision. The frequencies of higher light could not yet be held by anything but super-expensive photographic equipment. Divine light tended to burn through celluloid. Enlightened transmissions were barely containable on audio tape.

Now, however, direct transmission can be... directly transmitted and recorded in a way that does not diminish its vibrational quality. Cooler. AND digital imagery has evolved to the place where we have the capability to morph artwork with a few keystrokes.

What does this have to do with heaven? Everything. To quote John Lennon "What if there's no heaven?" What if there are infinite after and between world scenarios, some known as bardos, (learning compartments) all functioning as transitional experiences, that assist us in moving from limitation to limitlessness, from form to formlessness and back again in infinite configurations? What if we could do that or DO do that moment to moment? It's true, you know.

Here is the tech of it. Think of it as with every breath, because that's easier for the mind to grasp. The process is much faster. With each breath, we breathe in and compile, or construct, a version of reality... many actually. Each varies by dimension, parallel reality and the parameters thereof. We breathe out and these infinite realities of our own making, dissolve and reform, by the principle of refinement. In this way, whether we are conscious of the process or not, we practice creating. When love is involved, the frequencies soar.


You have always had the keys...

So back to the after-reboot thing I finally grokked. It won't matter to you but it obviously matters to me because here I am. "stuck in the middle with...." oh wait, that's another song/story. 

I realized that these past few years, all healing aside, have been a constant state of life in construction, building sites, shifting continents, everything in flux, because that is what I was creating inwardly. Yes, we all do that all the time. See the above description of same. I mean specifically, this is what was happening.

I have been creating various versions of 'heaven', which for me is sacred space in nature with very high vibrations, a low population density of the 'human' variety and contact mainly with those who also pursue higher frequencies. Within those parameters and quite a few more, I have been practicing connecting the dots without crossing the streams. Very techy. Exactly my type of gig. The angelic essence within me squeals with delight (only in private because my ears and those of the highly vibrating types are highly sensitive).

When I released a deeply-buried bit of unconscious programming around the paradox of "connecting the GD dots" (lyric courtesy of Ministry)  and "not crossing the streams" (from the ubiquitous Ghostbusters) it all fell into beautiful, lovely, harmonious, sense. As beings of high frequency streaming, we know we are creating sand paintings, always a series of temporary experiences of beauty. Given.

What has been occurring as I observe the Celtic grids coming back online at significantly higher octaves of light, and other areas of significant energies being hooked into this network,  is the flow of creation at play. "My way." Okay, and there's a song I've never liked at all. Sheesh. As if.

Creation at play. Love in expression. Yes. THAT is what there was left do 'do' to be and to experience.

If that sounds like fun and maybe even a welcome relief, you're on your right track... and remember that your 'heavens' might just be someone else's 'hells'. And vice versa. Just keep creating! It IS the only gig with a guaranteed Divine Return On Investment.

More love than living allows,