Let's Talk OPE ~

Let's Talk OPE ~

What does that stand for? Other People's Emotions(or Energies). Something we all contend with during the holiday season. You may already be adept at discerning what emotions are yours and which feelings running through you belong to others... or maybe not. When it comes to family this can be complicated.

Communication is most often defined as an exchange of ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Complications arise when one party dumps emotions onto another, not only without their consent (and why would anyone give that unless they are a practicing martyr) but without their knowledge. This happens constantly and most people are oblivious to the damage this emotional dumping can cause.

Family gatherings are even more complicated because cellular entrainment occurs when family members are in physical or mental proximity to one another. For example, when we are in the physical presence of a parent or sibling, our bodies immediately move into infant survival mode, meaning that our cells begin to vibrate in harmony with the cells of our parent(s) or sibling(s). As infants, vibrating the same way as our caregivers insured that we would be taken care of. Yes, this happens in an adoptive situation as well, but it is stronger when 'blood speaks to blood' as the saying goes. 

When one individual, family member or not, feels entitled to dump their emotional states onto others, the situation can feel like purgatory to one who is sensitive by nature. It feels like torture even if we are not the one being dumped into because we can feel what is happening around us.  Again, this can be due to physical or mental proximity. Mental proximity is simple. If we think about someone, we might as well be in the room with them, energetically. So, if you think about someone you have just connected with their energies.

It takes discipline and training to move our minds out of the habit of randomly and carelessly thinking about others, no matter how positive those thoughts might be. The more light we hold, the stronger our thought patterns, so discipline and discernment become even more important.

If you have ever encountered a guru, enlightened teacher or mentor, you know what it feels like when they think about you. You can feel that focus. That is because the thoughts of such a being hold more power.  Remember that everyone else's thoughts touch you as well. You may not notice because we walk through 'thought-soup' every single day.

Every mother has had the experience of feeling distressed emotions or thoughts from her children. This is a form of cellular entrainment and mental telepathy that also ensures survival. It is the root of the caregiving impulse. Our bodies are wired for this kind of telepathic communication.

So why are we talking about OPE? Because it is important, as we awaken, to differentiate between the thoughts and feelings that originate with us and those that do not. The thoughts and feelings of others compromise the integrity of our energetic fields. It is that simple.

Not all thoughts and emotions that others project upon us are toxic. Some are quite benign and even loving. What is important is that we recognize where the feelings passing through us originate so that we don't waste time dealing with energies that were never ours, to begin with.

What to do with OPE is to let them move through and out of our bodies as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is where Source comes in. SHE will always reflect the truth about our energies. As we learn to offer to HER everything that moves through, letting it stream onward at lovespeed, SHE can more easily show us our signature frequencies. They are what 'remain'.

I have always loved the litany against fear, from the Dune books by Frank Herbert.


"...Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

What I love about this is the tack it takes in dealing with less than useful emotions. Observe. Follow the path (which can let you see where the feelings came from) and remain steadfast in your own light.

But what happens when we wake up feeling 'off' or thinking about someone, (or in my case, with their face in my field) or angry about something or suddenly feel like weeping for no apparent reason? Most likely those are other people's emotions. 

We've been 'slimed', to quote Ghostbusters. Someone has dumped their grief or guilt or anger or fear or, most likely, their tantrum, into our fields. Why? There are no hard and fast reasons for this behaviour.  They feel upset or insecure or even want to attack us, though that is less often the case.

The other person does not want to or does not have the tools to, deal with their feelings so they dump on us so that we can process their stuff for them. Ick.

Oh, and by the way, having an open heart does not make this okay. It does not mean we have to be a toxic waste dump for others. The practices that encourage this are not the compassionate tools they are advertised to be. They were designed for the cycle of martyrdom and have no place in a cycle of abundance and joy.

We're talking about this now, because of the holidays. Holidays have become less about celebrating the sweetness and blessings of life and more about FOG: Fear, obligation, and guilt. When we run these feelings in our bodies we create openings for OPE.

There are many methods for processing the non-indigenous feelings that run through us, and many methods for shielding. The best allow the 'other' feelings to run through, intending that they move quickly and with as much ease and grace as possible. Then we ask to be made aware of how these other energies got in, in the first place. Self-blame is not helpful. Self-awareness is the key. Is it mine? If not, then move it, find the energy leak or 'hole' in my field, and ask Source to make it whole. All it takes is practice... and a fair amount of perseverance, especially where family is concerned.

Cellular entrainment is the most common gateway for allowing other energies into our bodies and fields. Our DNA is programmed for survival. Remember, though, that consciousness informs DNA, not the other way around. As we shift consciousness, we become less susceptible to interference from the energies of others.

I woke up this morning with someone's face floating inches from my own, and with odd physical symptoms on my left side. I stretched, moved energy, took a shower... then sat down to my tea and, suddenly, felt a tantrum running through me. Thoughts and feelings that had not been there minutes before... and I know better than to own these. "None of that, thanks, OUT!!"

I know how this came to be. I love the person in question, and they use that heartline to their own advantage from time to time. This is something we are all working on right now. Our love connections, our heartlines, need to be through the Infinite field, through Source, so that our connections are no longer polluted by pathology or neurosis, but through and as the light.

It's a worthwhile goal, I find. Pure communication as and through the love-field, as light. It might even be attainable in this life. When we move into the ego-free zones of light and live as the high frequencies available to us, only heaven knows what our lives will be.

Happy holydays,