Decentralizing Divinity ~ New Ways of Relating

Decentralizing Divinity ~ New Ways of Relating

Technology will never be 'God', not to worry. It is yet another representation of Divine Mind, that is simultaneously running for 'home' and running amuck. What we support will make the difference, as consciousness always does.

How we relate, as and through the Infinite, will make all the difference in all the worlds. So, why the concept of decentralization? Most people think of 'direct connect' as still accessing some big infinite database 'in the sky' instead of something that permeates, inter-penetrates and is the stuff of all realities. Some sort of hierarchy is assumed. Why? Because the reality construct of centralization has been touted as what is, what works and what functions. Illusions.

Our world systems reflect this deeply imprinted belief. What is being brought to light is the inevitable obsolescence of these illusory beliefs. Anything centralized will inevitably implode under the weight of everything that has been projected upon it. 

It is easier to talk about this with regard to finances than to spirituality but each of these concepts is a way of describing a relationship with flow. Finances are how we describe our relationship with fixed mediums of exchange. Spirituality is how we describe our relationship with Source. The fact that we separate these concepts is one of the main the keys to their compartmentalized and obsolete structures.

Source is everywhen/where. SHE is the all of everything and nothing. The Infinite. Are there infinite ways to approach infinity? Yes. So, that makes every spiritual path valid, depending upon one's bandwidth of perception. Are there infinite ways to approach the exchange of energy in the form of products and services? Yes. So that makes 'finances' a lot less fixed and limited than we have imagined them to be.

I have been studying blockchain lately. As a longtime IT professional, the concept of distributed computing is not new. What is 'new' are more innovative and fluid methods of implementation. Is that not true of evolution and ascension? The more perceptual bandwidth available to us, the more we see, feel, know, and can create?

Is blockchain and its cryptocurrencies 'the way to go'? That question is neither here nor there. What this growing field of inter-connectivity implies is that higher truths of collaboration and relating are beginning to take root in technology and, therefore, in creative expression and our valuing thereof. 

Fluid resources are sustainable. They can quickly shift to meet our changing requirements. Fixed assets are most easily frozen and usurped.


Frozen dreams or fluid reality?

We experience reality as fluid fractals of a Oneness so vast our minds are unable to comprehend its nature. That is how this experience was designed. We perceive according to our openness to receive.

Fixed, hierarchical versions of reality are based on closed systems of domination and control. This is a given, yes? So how do we imagine and implement other ways of collaborative relating? How do we 'get things done' without those limited games of chutes and ladders?

Everything begins with an impulse. An idea. A feeling of yearning sourced from the embodiment of infinite love (the creative principle) that we each are. Resonance guides us into the fields of other beings who vibrate in similar frequencies, who yearn for similar manifestations. Sustainable anything comes from respect, from a tender willing participation in nurturing the growth of something precious.

As we look to the principles that form the net under the tightropes and high wires of new relating, exchange, and productivity we begin to feel truth emerging, not from the wreckage of the old or what has been... but from the Infinite that always is. We call forth new connections from everything, understanding that there is no such thing as nothing.

New lightlines are weaving the threads of new platforms, landing pads and ways of being. Don't make the mistake of attempting to build tomorrow from the remains of today. Worse yet, trying to pack yesterday into your luggage and drag it along behind. No point, no purpose, no meaning, will be found in re-creating what has been.

What will be and what IS has its new foundations already laid, already flowing, already moving in support of what is yet to be.  You know what they say. If you want to understand something, "follow the money." What is your currency? Your rate of exchange?  What value do you present? Represent? Are you open to receiving in new ways?

If topdown or bottomup no longer existed,  you would be free to accept spherical input and receive and create or give accordingly.

Follow the flow. The stakes are rising. Our experiences are what is in play.

Want more on new ways of creating and relating? Stay tuned!
~with infinite love,


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